Thursday, April 19, 2012

Arms Race Update

Korea may not yet be able to successfully launch a long-range missile but India can.   India has test fired a nuclear-weapon capable, Agni-V missile capable of reaching Beijing or Shanghai and plenty of cities in Europe also.

India's DefMin singled out China in his announcement.  He noted that China has had long-range missiles for decades and the Agni-V just gives India a similar capability.

So, how did China respond?   See if you can make any sense at all out of this take from the Times of India:

"The Chinese foreign ministry suggested Thursday that India's Agni-V launch should not be viewed as an arms race in the way of better relationship between the Himalayan neighbours.

"'We are not rivals but cooperative partners. We should cherish the hard-earned momentum of cooperation,' Liu Weimin, spokesman of the Chinese foreign ministry said."

If India and China are going to succeed as new economic superpowers they're really going to have to work on their skills in diplomatic bullshit tossing.

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