Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Harper's Afghan Surprise - We're In Afghanistan Until 2016.

Okay, we're supposed to clear out in 2014, right?   Maybe, maybe not.   Now, according to CBC, Harper is saying he'll examine all options when the deadline nears.

Wait a minute.   2014 is no longer a deadline for the withdrawal of Canadian troops from Afghanistan.   It's now Harper's deadline to decide what to do next.

If we are to get out in 2014, we have to be preparing for that now just like everybody else who's leaving in 2014.   To get out of Afghanistan you have to have your mind made up about  18-months or more in advance.   But Harper isn't going to make up his mind until somewhere in late 2014 which means Canadian forces may be stuck in Afghanistan well into 2016.

"Our plan at the current time is obviously for the mission that goes to 2014, but we will examine as we approach that date, we will examine all options, and we will take the decision that is in the best interests of this country and in the best interests of our security objectives for the globe and not an ideological, knee-jerk response like the NDP," Harper responded.

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