Monday, April 09, 2012

When Two Crackers Shoot Five Blacks, It's a Hate Crime.

"You could look at the facts of the case and come up with would appear to be a logical theory, but we're going to let the evidence take us where we want to go."

Five shooting victims, three of them dead, all of them black.  Two suspects, roommates, white boys Jake England and Alvin Watts.

"Shortly before the killings, England had lamented on his Facebook page that two years had passed since his father was killed by a black man, whom he referred to with a racial slur. "I'm gone in the head," England wrote.

"Watts, England's roommate, offered words of support to his friend in response to the posting." 

Well at least the Oklahoma police aren't rushing to judgment in calling these shootings and killings hate crimes.   They're just going to let the evidence take them  "where they want to go."   What?

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