Friday, April 20, 2012

Is This the Real Canadian Opposition?

With the NDP about to embark on a principle-shredding popularity drive to the top and the Liberals who knows where (or what), organizations like ForestEthics may be the face of future opposition politics in Canada.

ForestEthics is about to go to war - on Harper.   To do it they're jettisoning their charitable status.   FE is breaking in two, ForestEthics Advocacy and ForestEthics Solutions.   FE Solutions will continue the organization's work on crafting environmental policies and strategy.  It will remain a charity.   FE Advocacy, backed by the likes of Clayton Ruby, will take the fight directly to Harper.

"'While the rest of the world takes action to protect our planet, the Canadian government seems hell-bent on rolling environmental protection back to the dark ages,' says Clayton Ruby, ForestEthics Advocacy board member. 'The Harper government has just gutted the federal framework for environmental protection, dismantled the national roundtable for the environment and launched an unprecedented attack on environmental civil society, labeling them foreign radicals.”

"These direct threats by the government to democratic input on key industrial initiatives come as an unprecedented number of Canadians have expressed concern about major industrial projects like Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Pipeline, which will bring Tar Sands from Alberta to British Columbia’s coast, where it will be transported through treacherous coastal waters by hundreds of supertankers, exposing the pristine shoreline to a direct threat of a catastrophic oil spill."

I have long given up on the gaggle of spineless petro-pols that sits on both sides of the aisle in the House of Commons.   Harper will soon make Mulcair pay the price for his ambitions  - a self-administered political vasectomy.  No point counting on the NDP or the Libs to stand up for the most important asset Canada possesses, our environment.

So, it's off to ForestEthics for me, that is if they'll have me and can find something useful for me to do.


karen said...

Me too, MoS! I listened to Mr Ruby on the radio yesterday and felt just the tiniest bit hopeful.

Anyong said...

I also listened to Mr. Ruby...he was dead on. I also heard a report regarding South Korea's work on their environment. I'm heading back there after a health report on May 4. What a dreadfull time it has been waiting. The Health Care System here is very bad as well.

Anonymous said...

MoS I wish you luck with the venture, thanks for fighting the good fight.