Thursday, April 05, 2012

We Drove Gordon Campbell From Office for this Very Thing

The Auditor General has cut the legs out from under the Harper government's claim that they were misled over the realistic cost of the F-35 light bomber.

They knew full well, says Michael Ferguson, and they knew well before the last election and they lied through their teeth to the Canadian public to get Harper his majority.

Gordon Campbell and crew lied to the BC public about the harmonized sales tax in the runup to his last election.   Campbell resigned in disgrace before he was run out of town but his LINO Libs are facing extinction in the next election.

Harper pulled a Campbell scam.   If he'd been exposed on it during the campaign he wouldn't have a majority government, he wouldn't even have a minority government.  He too would have been run out of town.

It's so obvious it's glaring why no heads are rolling this time.  That's because the scam goes straight to the top, all the way up the Tory back passage, and stops at Harper's desk.  He's not only directly culpable but he's supremely accountable for his government's deceit and connivance.  Steve can't fire the generals for concealing information he had all along.   He can't fire MacKay either.  He'd have to fire his entire government and that would mean facing the Canadian public.

Stephen Harper plainly defrauded a lot of Canadians out of their votes by his deceptions and lies.  It's the very nature of the Harper beast.   Canada has two scourges - we have "one man rule" and that one man is as bent as a penny nail.

Harper and his cabinet stand indicted by the Auditor General.  It's time he asked the Governor General to issue a writ.   Anything else is simply indecent.


Owen Gray said...

Is there a single conservative, Mound, who is willing to speak truth to power?

Anyong said...

Gordon Campbell was a Liberal who ended up with a plum job. If an ordinary Canadian where to do that, they would end up in jail. Government is government...they will do anything to get into power.

The Mound of Sound said...

@ Owen. I'm waiting. A veteran Tory insider from Ottawa tells me that Harper has a lot of enemies inside his caucus and they're getting pretty uncomfortable at the moment.

It's telling that PostMedia is now throwing Harper under the bus. Den Tandt writes this is one scandal Harper can't walk away from.

@ Anyong. There was nothing remotely liberal about Gordon Campbell or the BC Liberal government he led. They are merely the latest incarnation of the hard rightwing Socreds. That's why Harper rescued Campbell with the cushy High Commissioner's job.

Anonymous said...

Harper is nothing other than a Neo-Nazi Reformer, from his Northern Foundation Party of 1989. They even said, the skinheads organized Harper's party.

Dictators always need their criminal element, to do their dirty for them. Harper had a many times convicted criminal, Bruce Carson working for him. Campbell lied to be re-elected twice.Campbell wasn't even a Liberal. He works for Harper, so Campbell is a Harper Reformer too. Campbell has the dirtiest, most corrupt and foul political record in Canadian history. Campbell's theft and sale of the BCR, was the sleaziest crime, ever known in Canada. Harper and Campbell totally destroyed BC financially. That dirty duo, are the scum of the earth.

Never will we permit Harper and Enbridge, to bring the filthy tar oil, into BC. We want no dirty tar oil tankers in our seas. Harper is absolutely loathed. Ove r 80% of the BC citizens are supporting the F.N. to keep those dirty atrocities, out of our province.

Anonymous said...

Look how long it took to get rid of Gordo though, and we're still stuck with his "liberal" party, and his identical replacement, premiere photo op, not to mention the HST.

Anonymous said...

I hope we can stop Harper before he starts an invasion in Iran.