Thursday, April 26, 2012

How Many More Canadians Does Harper Want Killed?

"When planning a military expedition into Pashtun tribal areas, the first thing you must plan is your retreat. All expeditions into this area sooner or later end in retreat under fire.”
So wrote British general, Andrew Skeen, in the early 1900s in his guide to military operations in the Pashtun tribal belt.
Now our Born Again Buffoon says he'll wait until the 2014 deadline to decide whether Canadian soldiers should stay on in Afghanistan.
The Dutch are already gone.   Britain has announced today it's beginning the pullout of British soldiers, starting with 500.  Everybody else is getting out of Dodge in 2014.
So who is going to be left for Taliban target practice?  You guessed it.   If Harper doesn't direct the withdrawal of our Afghan contingent very soon there's a real chance they'll be stuck there after everyone else has gone.  Getting cavalier and announcing he'll get to that decision some time in 2014 is beyond reckless.


kootcoot said...

Do ya think Harper just wants his very own war that he doesn't have to share with Obama, Cameron or anyone else? If only he would be the commander on the ground, on point with Airshow by his side (and the rest of the PsuedoCon Cabinet in the platoon)!

ThinkingManNeil said...

How many more? As many as it takes to keep wringing more crocodile tears out of Don Cherry whenever somebody ELSE'S kid is needlessly fed into the meatgrinder so that walking, jingoistic upholstery swatch sampler can keep pronouncing them heroes. As many as it takes to keep fooling the troglodytic yokels out there that "they's dyin' fer our freedumb and Jayzuss". As many as it takes to drain the national treasury so they can declare universal healthcare,education, old age pensions as unaffordable and in need of sacrifice to "Support the Troops". As many as it takes to fulfill their prepubescent soldier fantasies...