Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Look, I'm Only Trying to Start a Revolution

Yes, yes, I want you to rise up in revolt against Stephen Harper's malignant regime.  I want you to stand up - in public - and tell everyone around you that he's crossed the line.   I want you to proclaim that Canada won't be governed - or perverted - by  Stephen Harper.

All I want you to do is wear an armband, a band of black cloth with an embossed red maple leaf.  I want you to wear that, leaf turned upside down in the international symbol of distress.

But first I want every opposition MP - NDP, Liberal, Bloc and, yes, Lizzie May, to walk into the House of Commons, together, wearing that same armband to announce that the three out of five Canadians who didn't vote for Harper and a significant percentage of those who did will not tolerate his perversion of our democracy.  They alone can imbue those armbands with legitimate, civil dissent.  They have to do that for us on the floor of the House and damn them straight to hell if they won't.

So, if you're a Dipper, or a Green, or a Bloc or, especially, a Liberal, I need you to use your connections to get your organization behind us to make this a genuine movement to stop Harper and repudiate publicly his democratic abuses.  Yeah, time to put that party shit aside and put Canada first.

This is shaping up to be an extremely challenging situation for our grandkids and their children.  If they're to have any decent shot, we really have to start this now.

Will you back this?   Will you throw a bit of money at it?   Will you buy - and wear - the armband?   Will you use your connections to get your political movement behind it?  What's it going to be?  With total honesty I can say that these things begin or die right where we are at now.   The difference is up to you.


Anonymous said...

I think the kids in Quebec have already started the revolution. They pin simple red squares of felt to their shirts. Why not just adopt that? It would be simpler than trying to start a cottage arm band industry.

The Mound of Sound said...

It won't work. That would be immediately dismissed by Harper as a gang of Quebec malcontents. If we're to do this as Canadians, we need something that can't be as easily derailed. Never underestimate Harper's ability to play this sort of thing to his base.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Harper will dismiss anyone who doesn't agree with him as a malcontent.

I noticed that some NDP folks, including Nathan Cullen from BC, wear red felt squares. Seems an elegantly simple symbol to me.

But, if you want armbands, then go for it. Many political movements in the past used armbands.

The Mound of Sound said...

Felt squares are meaningless. That's a spent force. What's needed is something different, directly tied to a position, even if it is a simple armband. It has to be focused - Harper's totalitarian secrecy. Even "Canadian" Tories will recoil from that.

You're cited red patches. And just how much good has that done? None. We need a mass movement, something that is going to be seen on the streets everywhere. This has to come from you and me, from the street.

Anonymous said...

Be careful. Whatever armband you use, it is bound to draw Hitler references.

Anonymous said...

"Felt squares are meaningless. That's a spent force."

There are thousands of people, wearing felt squares, protesting in Montreal right now.

Why not join the revolution in progress in stead of trying to invent a new one?

The Mound of Sound said...

Join what revolution"? Y0ou have fuckall and. without organization and direction,. you're masturbatory. Fuck you, I'm way too old for this.

The Mound of Sound said...

Look, to everyone reading this - the future of your grandkids is being written today - in indelible ink.

Deal with that - or not.