Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tory Support Dips, Prince of Darkness Still Riding High

Support for the Harper Conservatives has fallen, a few points, to 34% but amazingly but old Beelzebub hisself is still riding high at 42% even after the robocall scandal and the F-35 fiasco.

Okay, I have a hard time believing in God or Heaven.   Why then do I have no problem accepting the existence of Mephistopheles?


Dana said...

Truthfully, I don't think a second term matters all that much to Harper.

This way he can wreck everything he wants to and then walk away without fretting aboiut a re-election campaign.

As the party's numbers continue down expect the abrasiveness and the destruction to increase.

The place to watch is the executive level of the CPC. Will people who don't want to be a short term phenom be forced out or will they force out the forces of darkness.

DarbyCar said...

Read the piece again - the para that begins with "Meanwhile," 2/3 down, shows Harper's rating has dropped 6 points. That is significant. The headline fudged.

Anonymous said...

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