Thursday, May 07, 2015

Stephen Harper, an Anti-Muslim Bigot

If they're not suing words, there sure as hell fighting words.

Despite our prime monster's best efforts, former child soldier Omar Khadr has been granted bail.

Justice Myra Bielby ruled the government failed to prove that allowing Khadr out now would cause “irreparable harm” to Canada’s international treaty obligations.

“Mr. Khadr, you’re free to go,” Bielby said as she delivered her decision.

Outside the courthouse, Khadr's lawyer, Dennis Edney, pulled no punches in describing Furious Leader.

“My view is very clear, Mr. Harper is a bigot. Mr. Harper doesn’t like Muslims,” Khadr’s lawyer, Dennis Edney told reporters outside court. 

“[Harper] wants to show he’s tough on crime and who does he pick on? A fifteen-year-old boy who was picked up and put in a hell hole in Guantanamo.”

Khadr was in the courtroom and let out a smile when Bielby announced her decision. 

It will be Khadr’s first taste of freedom in almost 13 years, since his capture as a wounded 15-year-old in Afghanistan in July 2002. 


Lorne said...

Edney's words will resonate will all people who believe in fair play, Mound.

rumleyfips said...

Calling him a bigot is fine: you can't be libeled with the truth.

Lots of ass kicken for the Crime Minister this week. The three weird sisters of the Senate are shown taking orders from The PMO to screw Duffy. Khadr on the loose and Harper back , cowering, in the closet. NDP wins in Alberta. Harper keeps job money from disabled.

It will take a lot more than that to make me feel sorry for him.

Unknown said...

Harper is probably grinding his teeth over being called a bigot and not liking Muslims Mound. We know what a fragile sense of self worth he has.Being confronted by a man like Khadrs lawyer, a man of genuine self esteem, must absolutely enrage him. This is a man who definitely does not obey Dear leader and we are still free enough that he doesn't have to.

The Mound of Sound said...

@ Lorne - I'm not sure how many of those are to be found these days.

@ Rumley - I didn't realize I was trying to make you sympathetic to Furious Leader. My bad.

@ Pamela - I'm sure he's already dispatched Canadian Revenue Agency auditors to give Edney the equivalent of an accountancy pistol whipping for his impertinence. In countries Harper really admires, places like Saudi Arabia, mocking the deity that way would get you stoned or beheaded.