Thursday, May 14, 2015

What'll He Do Next, Bring Back the Work House?

You could say that Britain's newly minted Conservative majority prime minister, Dapper Dave Cameron, is on a rampage.  With his axing of Britain's Human Rights Act, Cameron seems ready and willing to purge the Kingdom of the untidy vestiges of liberal democracy.  In its place he seems intent on building a decidedly illiberal democracy, one that harkens back to the dark days captured in Dickens' novels.

Take new Cameron cabinet minister Justin Tomlinson.  He's the government's new 'disabilities minister.'  It's a job that's mainly focused on slashing 12-billion pounds from benefits spending.

Mr Tomlinson has a record of voting against provisions that would see more support directed to the disabled and sick.

In parliamentary votes he has supported letting contribution-based Employment and Support Allowance expire for those undergoing cancer treatment.

In a separate vote regarding the new universal credit system he voted against a minimum floor on the amount of money that could be given to disabled children.

According to the department’s website Mr Tomlinson will have responsibility for child poverty and other cross government disability issues.

Scotland, be brave.  This might be the time to take the cross of St. Andrew back out of the Union Jack.  Besides, there are indications that the good folk of northern England would like to join Scotland.

Did I say "rampage"?  Well, here are 7-laws Cameron was unable to enact before when he was dependent on coaltion partner, the Liberal Dems.

And, in case you still haven't had enough of all things Cameron, take a quick peek at some of the other gems in his cabinet. It's enough to make Harper damp with envy.


Owen Gray said...

For Britain, it is the worst of times, Mound.

The Mound of Sound said...

How apt, Owen. The worst of times indeed. What's with these Cons - Harper, Abbott, Cameron? Give them a majority and they turn into a Goon Squad.

Dana said...

It's England, not Great Britain, speaking when Cameron speaks and if he follows up with actions to match his words he will almost certainly be remembered as the Prime Minister who brought about the dissolution of the United Kingdom.

The Mound of Sound said...

Dana, my German-Scottish lineage, compels me to live in hope for the liberation of the Gaels.

Unknown said...

Canadians , look closely at Britain, so you will know what Harper will do if you give him another majority. What the hell were the Brits thinking of Mound?

Dana said...

I've got a Scottish half and an English half in my Canadian DNA.

The guy in the kilt kilt the guy in the Morris suit years ago.

It would fit into the historical narrative arc quite nicely if Magna Carta and the United Kingdom were to both fly apart during a rule by a Conservative majority Parliament that was almost entirely from England - 319 of 331 seats.

Doncha think?

The Mound of Sound said...

Pamela, Cameron campaigned as a compassionate moderate and a lot of people bought it.

Dana, the south, in particular London, has been skewing British politics, often to the detriment or exclusion of the north, so long that the place may already be over the edge. Oh well, the Royal Navy has decided it can base the nuclear submarine fleet in Gibraltar if they're booted out of Faslane.

Dana said...

In the event it's hard to see Cameron or Westminster agreeing to forgo North Sea oil revenues without a fight of some magnitude or other that may well not be limited to words.

Anonymous said...

Are there no prisons?