Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Where's All That Squealing Coming From? Oh, It's the Calgary Petroleum Club.

There was no dancin' last night.

No, they don't like Rachel Notley.  Bad Rachel, bad Notley!  Alberta's energy giants are soiling their dainties over the evisceration of their Conservative minions at the hands of those really awful New Democrats.

Royalties?  You wanna talk royalties?  Hells Bells, you better watch your mouth or we're outta here, lady.

Now more than ever Big Oil is going to be pressing Harper to go it alone and drive through those pipelines, especially Northern Gateway which Notley has already said she will not support.

It'll be fascinating to watch old Beelzebub deal with this one.  Maybe he'll choose to stay in Europe and hang around for the 80th anniversary of WWII. Then again, maybe Junior will come to their rescue.

Jim, Mr. Premier, You Can't Stay in There All Night.


Dana said...

Haven't heard anything from Petro-China yet. They own most of the patch after all.

But they're probably shaking in their slippers, too frightened and outraged to speak.

I'm sure they've never encountered a more terrifying political leader than Rachel Notley or a more repressive political organization than the Alberta NDP.

Likewise the Euro based owners.

Jaysus weppit these corporate toadies are pitiful examples. The west would never have been explored or populated if these quivering weenies had to be relied upon.

Which, upon reflection, mightn't have been a bad thing considering how badly the round eyes have fucked it up.

Lorne said...

I have a feeling, Mound, as an object lesson to the rest of us lest we stray electorally in October, that Canada's petrocrats will want to make an example of Notley by curtailing/cancelling investments in the oil fields of Alberta. That would teach all of us the folly of thinkingl for ourselves, eh?

The Mound of Sound said...

I think they're already sending those signals, Lorne. The TorStar article says their stocks have already taken a hit.

Dana, don't besmirch the round eyes. Where would I be without them?

Dana said...

This is a very large and clear mandate from Albertans.

If the petrocrats manage to alienate every non-petro employed Albertan and Canadian with their arrogance,manipulation and blackmail they might not get the results they think they will.

Mound, the same as me, stumbling around in the dark. Just like now.

Anyong said...

Don't the Koch brothers own most of Fort McMurray?