Friday, September 07, 2018

Justin, You Could Try Putting the Pin Back in that Grenade.

You know you're dealing with grifters when a logical, perfectly sound idea won't even be acknowledged much less discussed. Unfortunately that makes Justin Trudeau, Rachel Notley, Andrew Scheer, Jason Kenney and the rest of them a pack of grifters.

What's that logical, perfectly sound idea? It's the proposition that the Tar Sanders refine all the pet coke, acids, carcinogens, heavy metals and other contaminants out of their bitumen before shipping it to the B.C. coast. Those are the persistent, lethal contaminants that imperil our coast and our marine ecology. They are the major risk we're left to dutifully accept for the sake of the "national interest."

Trudeau, like another thug featured in the news on a daily basis, believes that his declaration of "national interest" is an end of the matter.  If the national interest comes with that price tag, one to be borne by our province and coastal British Columbia's ecology, then British Columbia's vital interest and Trudeau's laughable national interest are irreconcilable.

At the very least, Trudeau should tell us why the refineries to transform this toxic sludge into commercial grade synthetic crude haven't been built. There's been oodles of time to build them and get them up and running.

Surely Trudeau has some obligation to account for his decisions to what he glibly calls "stakeholders" which, in this case, is the population and government of British Columbia. Explain why these fossil fuel degenerates will not even hear of the idea.

And while he's coming clean on the obvious refining solution he can show us the science he repeatedly claims his government has done that mysteriously is nowhere to be found. Environment Canada doesn't have it. The Royal Society of Canada hasn't seen it. As far as those bodies are concerned it doesn't exist. Both say the science hasn't been done. Both, in effect, say our prime ministerial grifter is making this shit up.

We have a problem taking Trudeau at his word but that's because he has repeatedly shown his word is worthless.  Remember "social licence"? Remember his pledge to consult First Nations? Remember when he vowed to clean house at the hopelessly corrupt National Energy Board and start the review process afresh? So, where is "the science" he keeps referencing? Whatever comes out of this man's mouth might just as well be coming out of his arse.

Until Trudeau can make a persuasive case for why Athabasca bitumen cannot be refined on site in order to ameliorate the risk of catastrophe he wants to impose on British Columbia, then it's our obligation to fight his damned pipeline, fang and claw. And, until then, his declaration of "national interest" is nothing but empty words from a grifter.


Steve Cooley said...

Crude statements do not enhance the essay.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is not in the interest of the foreign corps and entities in the case of China that own the Tarsands to refine the bitumen in Canada. Maybe the national interest he is referring to is just not our nations interest.

ps: on a lighter note the subliminal message guy struck again:)


Trailblazer said...

Likely there is no business case to build a refinery.
That big oil does not put its money where its mouth is would seem to indicate that the tarsands is considered a relatively short term venture.
KM were quick to exit!


The Mound of Sound said...

Steve, you're right. I have deleted the offensive remark that was written out of anger at this conniving, duplicitous prime minister.

The Mound of Sound said...

I suspect you're right, Willy. Perhaps the national interests of the American coastal refineries or perhaps the Chinese.

The Mound of Sound said...

Trailblazer, the government is clearly playing on the margins with this bitumen gambit. It clumsily got in too deep to the point where this has become a predominantly political issue and, as such, a trap for this weak prime minister. A trap of his own making.

Simon said...

I see you have been at it again you dirty old man:

"Whatever comes out of this man's mouth might just as well be coming out of his arse."

You do have an obsession with arses.

And that's not the worse part

Steve, you're right. I have deleted the offensive remark that was written out of anger at this conniving, duplicitous prime minister.

But then you also like to call Trudeau a "bitch" and have suggested that he should be raped in prison

And you were once caught sending vile messages to a young gay blogger. Remember?

Somebody really needs to remind your readers of your sordid past...

The Mound of Sound said...

Simon, take a deep breath. When did I suggest your idol be raped in prison or send vile messages to a gay blogger? You get a little overheated, Simon. I think those that follow my blog would find your accusations pathetic. However thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

I respect your comments a lot Mound, and sometimes a little colourful language is indicated. And I am an old, old, woman. Simon, it's time to be honest and admit your idol has feet of clay.

John B. said...

The investment dollar is demanding that the stuff be shipped to locations where the costs of dealing with by-products of the refining process can be externalized to the environment. Absent that externalization, profitability isn't maximized. If that dollar could in any case regret the risks associated with increased tanker traffic, it would view them as intrinsically externalized to the ocean and coastline, neither of which has been accorded stakeholder status.

Simon said...

You dirty old liar, I have screen caps of all you wrote. You must be going senile if you can't remember. But don't worry I will remind you and you will be exposed as the depraved liar and pervert you are. Have you no shame you filthy old thing?