Monday, September 17, 2018

Who is Leona Alleslev and Why Should I Care?

The honourable backbencher for Aurora-Oakridge-Richmond Hill has left the government bench for supposedly greener pastures on Andrew Scheer's side of the House of Commons.
“On behalf of my Conservative colleagues, I’m extremely pleased to welcome Ms. Alleslev to the Conservative team,” Scheer said. “She brings with her an extraordinary wealth of experience in military and foreign affairs, government procurement, and private sector leadership. She will be a strong asset in our growing Conservative team as we work toward 2019.”
In 2015 Alleslev defeated her Conservative opponent by well shy of a thousand votes, 47% to 45%.


Lulymay said...

Good riddance! I'm not the least bit impressed with her Scheer quoted CV, i.e. private sector experience, knowledge of military etc. Be more impressed if she showed at least a minimum of interest in our disintegrating quality of the environment.

She and Andrew dear make a perfect pair: nothing to offer me as a voter.

The Mound of Sound said...

I read her Wikipedia bio, Lulymay.

It made me wonder if she has been frustrated not making cabinet. Perhaps she sees a shift in her constituents away from the Trudeau Liberals, not an unheard of condition in that volatile part of Ontario. It could be that Conservative is the safe bet for 2019, especially if your focus is to log more pensionable time.

ffibs said...

On the positive side for Leona she can start wearing blue dresses again and will probably get thanks her service more often. I believe the Cons do that more often than normal people.

The Mound of Sound said...

Willy, what the f#@k would you or I know about "normal people"?

Anonymous said...

She squeaked by the Conservatives as a Liberal in the last federal election. Provincially, the riding went hard core Conservative in this year's election. She's seen the writing on the wall and is being a true political opportunist.


The Mound of Sound said...

That's what I suspected, UU. Thanks.

the salamander said...

.. bank more pensionable hours.. about sums up how pathetic 'governance' is today..

Ms MP Alleslev ('its my duty to switch') certainly captures the pathetic political flavors of the day..
and is rewarded with a choice fictional 'shadow cabinet' role invented just for her
We can call it a Potempkin Cabinet role, made from cardboard
one side is blue with logo, one side red with logoq.. for quick switches or audiences..

Maybe she could switch with MPL Stephen Lecce, also up there in the Fantino stomping grounds..
Harper cabin boy Lecce could go federal and Ms Alleslev drop to Doug Ford provincial acolyte
Lecce of course gained reknown going direct from Western Poli Sci
to Harper's PMO and flitted back and forth to Fantino's twisty crispy elections
and shared a back office with the infamous red goatee Albertan
he of the 'super robo call' hardware, software and black ops data wanking

The presumptions we (voters, taxpayers across Canada) are to embrace are:
There is no real difference Liberal or Conservative

Hey ! Does she now suddenly embrace Scheer's pro life evangelical agenda ?
Scheer of course is so ethically oily with diluted bitumin and faith in jeebuz
its hard to put a squeeze on anything he slip slides for including guns forever
tar sands, Trump & 'the base'

So far, nobody has explained this immaculate conception new direction
to the most important folks.. the voters.. and residents of the riding
(my sister lives up there plus her kids families.. and they dunno)
You know, the folks who donated money to her, voted for her
trusted her with their concerns, knocked on doors for her
What ? They should also fall all over Andrew Scheer superstar ?
Roll over for Hamish Marshall's mealy Harper derivations ? Or Ezra ?

Is she suddenly seeing the astonishing wisdom of Jason Kenney ?
Or that the 'notwithstanding' clause as per Dough Ford is a mere trifling impediment ?

She'll take her paycheck, pension, benefits and expenses, office, assistants
and sit back there somewhere.. clap clap standing ovations on command
become bosom buddies with Jenni Byrne or Laureen maybe

Its such tiresome claptrap Mound..
Did she learn her brand of 'loyalty' in the Royal Canadian Air Force
or it was just 'aspirational loyalty' to her riding.. a temporary madness
Do we even know where she came from ? Province ?

The Mound of Sound said...

All I can gather is that she grew up on various Air Force bases, Sal. Her father, Ian, was a Major-General in the same sort of specialty field she entered after graduating RMC.

Your "pathetic political flavors of the day" appears to sum it up nicely.

John B. said...

Isn't it time that we showed some appreciation for politicians who are part of the country and proud of it? They know a sacred obligation when they see one. Where do I volunteer?

If it weren't for Doug Ford's more polished act, this fledgling would have my next nomination for best performance in a comedic role.

the salamander said...

.. seems she parlayed military training & experience in procurement, logistics etc (supply train) into jobs at Bombardier etc.. ran an 'eco-tourism' enterprise out of Temagami with her husband for 8 years or so.. family life etc and surfaced as a Liberal candidate.. Vaughn & Richmond Hill area.. Rode the Liberal sweep.. Aside from us paying her.. 'why should we care' is a very fair question. She does claim a 'sacred obligation' to her riding electorate.. but seems she forgot to mention that to any of them.. and that sacred stuff was superceded by the allure of Andrew Scheer's astonishing un-announced foreign policies, mealy leadership skills and looking after Canada's vast vested interests on the world's political and military stages.. She can be a trophy ReformaTory wedged between Pierry Poilievre and Kellie Leitch. Would be a great target next election, despite being incumbent, so to speak.. deep in Fantino territory where the live and robo calls roam at will.. and lotsa donor $$ to spare for any hard luck Ontario ridings

The Mound of Sound said...

All this 'sacred service to the country' crap is just that - crap. I heard a discussion recently about what drew people to serve in the US Congress. The consensus was that, above anything else, people ran for Congress so that they could be in Congress. As the Tories said of Ignatieff, they're in it for themselves. That doesn't stop them, however, from gilding it with as much faux nobility as they can manage.

I'm old enough to recall a time when politics wasn't this way, not so much anyway. That was when politics embodied vision and such ethereal notions as posterity. Pols really laboured to make the country better, not just for their constituents but for future generations. The ultimate expression of this was Pierre Trudeau's Charter of Rights and Freedoms, a document that has been instrumental in curbing political excesses ever since.

Now, in this seemingly endless age of neoliberalism, we're ruled by technocrats busily focused on tweaking the economy with scant regard for the aftermath that future generations will be left to cope with if they can. It's all grey suits stuffed with wet cardboard that, like Alleslev, can be perfectly comfortable on either side of the floor of the House of Commons.

Unknown said...

This is a smart lady. She got sick of the Trudeau nonsense and got out.