Wednesday, February 10, 2016

BC Throne Speech - Be Vigilant Lest We Become Another Alberta

The burn. Christy Clark's message to British Columbians is to be vigilant so we don't become another Alberta. Madam premier then went on to add that Alberta has "lost its focus."

Ms. Clark repeatedly made Alberta the poster boy for how not to run a province.

"Consider our neighbours in Alberta – a province of similar size, and also blessed with natural resources," Lt.-Gov. Judith Guichon said, in delivering the B.C. Liberal government's vision for the new legislative session.

"Over the decades, Alberta lost its focus. They expected their resource boom never to end, failed to diversify their economy and lost control of government spending."

The speech goes on to urge British Columbians to "stay vigilant" in the face of low oil prices, global market uncertainty and a falling Canadian dollar, "and resist the temptation to spend our way into trouble."

Take that, ya Wild Rose "losers".


Hugh said...

Relying on polluting, low-EROI resources such as bitumen and LNG export to drive the economy is problematic.

Toby said...

The mule is dead but Clark is still loading the wagon.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Clark the Lark can go to the head of the class.