Monday, February 08, 2016

Mulcair's Opening Salvo - and It's BullS__t

I feel badly for Tom Mulcair but who wouldn't? He was supposed to be farting through silk right now but the last election sent him instead to the cellar where he has to make do with burlap.

When you're the Old Man of the crowd, time is probably not on your side. Canadians seem to prefer new and shiny and most of the shine got scrubbed off Tom a long time ago. I don't think the beard and the beady black eyes help much either.

The one thing you can't be doing when you're hanging on by your fingertips is to show desperation. Never let the plebs know you're running on fear. If they smell fear they can turn on you - in a heartbeat.

I smelled the fear in an email Tom sent me this morning.

"While the Trudeau government has gone ahead and signed the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal, there remains many uncertainties about what's in store for Canada.

"The Harper government first negotiated this deal in secret. Now we have the Liberals agreeing to a deal that can't be renegotiated! Any concerns or changes raised in future consultations won't matter."

Tom, I'm at best ambivalent about the Trudeau gang and I stand opposed to the TPP. That said, we don't need your bullshit scare tactic. The Liberals have signed to verify the text of the deal comports with the terms negotiated. They didn't agree to a deal - and you know it. 

Ratifying TPP takes more than a signature on paper. It's a Parliamentary process, Tom, and you know that too. I would be delightfully surprised if the Liberals, with their majority, gave TPP the thumbs down although that's a long shot. 

You'll get your chance, Tom, right there on the floor of the House of Commons where you actually do your best work. Wait till the wedding night, Tom. In the meantime try to leave yourself alone.


Ben Burd said...

Mound your anti-tom bias is showing. read it carefully and one will see that even if the tone is a little loud it is definitely not scary to point out the truth. That is despite all the pledges to be transparent the most corporate of corporate ladies in this Cabinet rushed off to NZ to sign this piece of shit.

With a majority this legislation will be passed as a three line whip. Despite what Tom says in the HOC it will pass the Cons will guarantee it.

So if Tom or any of us who say that the Libs will pass it it is not scary to point it out. Just realistic.

BTW how's that NAFTA thingy working out for you?

The Mound of Sound said...

You're right, Ben. I don't like Mulcair and I want to see the NDP with far better leadership, now more than ever. This guy's a dud. The Canadian public has given him a pass. It's time for new leadership, not the old guy on the bus that you never quite take your eye off.

He knows that the deal isn't signed. Surely he has something better to offer than bullshit. The NDP is not going anywhere with nonsense.

Tim said...
"...started the process of complying with multiple IP treaties, confirming yet again that the TPP has already had an impact on Canadian law well before any decision on ratification has been made."

Lorne said...

While Tom is right to point out the obvious, it will take more than a scare tactic to change the likely trajectory of the TPP, Mound. I will be very interested to see if Trudeau is true to his word that he will have a full discussion of it in the House of Commons, but surely any criticism of it will have to come from the NDP, since they are the only party, I believe, that has consistently opposed it.

Of course, that doesn't rule out more hypocrisy from the 'new' Conservative Party, which should, if nothing else, prove entertaining and prove yet more fodder for all of the cynical souls out there, including mine.

Gyor said...

Nothing is going to stop this treaty period, do as many protests as one likes, put out as many scary emails most people will never see, its a done deal and anyone who thinks its not is kidding themselves.

Canadians signed the TPP spiritually if not literally the moment they voted for Trudeau, there was never a chance he wouldn't sign itill. The Americans still have a chance thanks to Bernie, but for us it over, but for going through the motions.

This email matters is not, and its not even scary, the TPP is scary, compared to that this is boring geasure.

crf said...

I'd be interested in how Kathleen Wynne and Patrick Brown (Ontario PC leader, ex-MP) view the treaty. The largest effects of the treaty will be in Ontario.