Monday, February 15, 2016

Some Days This is Exactly How I Feel

And, when I do, I think of this scene and it makes me smile.

 Maybe it would be a better place if we all just said "no" a lot more often.


the salamander said...

.. excellent .. !

Just yesterday, on reading Kirby, Lorne et al .. and comments re newspapers media democracy etc.. I mused to myself (again) how one shining moment in a brilliant feature film could stimulate, resonate.. challenge.. or wake up a slumbering, unwitting population. I know lamestream media will never inspire or inform Canadians re the yawning environmental abyss that Ex PM Harper, Premier Christy Clark.. various n sundry Big Energy zeolats and shrill partisans have in mind for the ecology, species & emvironment of British Columbia.. the same re 'democracy' - fair elections, rational responsible representation by elected MP's rather than whipped 'votes' propping the fairy tale policies of runaway renegade senior public servants..

Millenials today. are often informed, not by mainstream media. ie newspapers a la Paul Godfrey. but by an almost invisible rippling social media secret code process.. its hard to fathom, Mound.. but I note that the current MP for what we often refer to as 'the Beaches' riding of Toronto.. was born and bred there, lives there.. and like my son, a good friend of his btw.. has a 'peer group' in the loose high hundreds. Is still connected via social media to his daycare buds, grade school classmates, house league team mates, high school homies, social scene, neighbors... and bingo bingo.. to many of the parents of those kids.. I would not recognize the Honorable Member if he bumped into me in the beer store.. but he knows who I am.. says hi !

.. there's something happening here ..
what it is aint exactly clear ..

The Mound of Sound said...

Yes, I've noticed that too, Sal. Younger people do have a form of connectivity that we never experienced. "When I was their age" credit cards had just become fairly commonplace. Bank cards and ATMs were still years off. As a journo I entered a newsroom full of manual typewriters. No cell phones of course, no social messaging, no texting - the technologies that so many use today to stay linked constantly (for better and worse). They might glance at a newspaper laying about the office but rarely buy one. That's not how they get their information.

Me, I've regressed. I got rid of my voicemail. No answering machine. If someone wants to speak with me and I'm not here they can call back if it's really important enough - and it rarely is. I share my email address with very few and use it mainly to get notifications of breaking news, etc.

I like to say "no" when that's how I feel.