Thursday, April 12, 2018

A Cruel Prime Minister

I don't know whether Justin Trudeau despises British Columbians or whether he just doesn't care about them but I do know that he treats them with great cruelty.

British Columbians are deeply worried about the Trans-Mountain pipeline and the armada of supertankers that will be plying our treacherous coastal waters subjecting our territory and our coast to the risk of catastrophic and irreparable environmental calamity.

Don't worry, says this prime minister. He claims his government has "done the science" and this mad venture can be done safely. Yet his own environment ministry, Environment Canada, says the science has not been done. The Royal Society of Canada also says the science has not been done. Renowned Alberta ecologist, the University of Alberta's David Shindler concurs, the science has not been done.

If there is any truth to this prime minister's claims, why has his government not shared that science with Environment Canada and the Royal Society of Canada? Surely would it not greatly help his cause to have them confirm that the science has been done and the Trans-Mountain venture can be done safely?

If there is any truth to this prime minister's claims, why has he not released his science to the people of British Columbia to allay their justified fears? How cruel is it for Justin Trudeau to withhold that critical information, his government's "science" from a deeply worried and increasingly angry people? What else is that but cruel? Does he not serve the people of British Columbia as much as any other provincial population? Does he not owe them a duty of candor and transparency? Is he not obliged to be completely honest with them when he insists on his right to place their province in such grave peril?

This is not an honest man. He has shown us that many times. He's not to be believed, he's not to be trusted. And a man who cannot be believed and cannot be trusted cannot be respected. There is no obedience owed to such a man no matter how high his office.


Northern PoV said...

Yes this macho line "the pipeline will be built" is very Harperesque

The folks in Quebec are already queasy. If Jr. goes bug-fuck out here the whole Sovereignty debate will explode in their autumn election.
(Folks across Canada will not be pleased as they witness repression.)
I don't think it will happen.

His kabuki theatre on Sunday w two 'settler' politicians completely ignores the native issues.

I believe KM is going home, there just trying to extract $ on the way out...
Jr. is being played and he is royally f**ked (schadenfreude alert!)

the salamander said...

.. its all become very scary to me..
We managed to depose disgusting Stephen Harper
Now Trudeau lies to us
and we might end up with evangelical Andrew Scheer
Meanwhile we see the filth that is Donald Trump
and if he implodes - Mike Pence

Where is or are the heroes?
Jason Kenney.. ? Very scary
We dumped Christy Clark
The losers and liars just keep coming, its brutal
an endless supply of fools and tools
political parties are now toxic garbage pits
and septic tanks full of partisans
and mainstream media is aligned & submerged
Sellout zealots everywhere I look..

Bernie Wood said...

Trudeau tried to have his caka and eat it, and it blew up in his face.

I think Trudeau (and Gerald Butts) did not want to approve any pipelines, but did approve KM to placate the NDP Alberta government (social license and all).
They were hoping for KM to quietly give up, like TransCanada did with Energy East. This way they could pretend they 'did their best' with AB and still keep their BC voters happy.

I still don't think that Trudeau will force the issue. He's not someone to make tough decisions. KM will cancel the pipeline, and Rachel Notley will be thrown under the bus.

Bernie Wood said...

Maybe a Freudian slip?

John's Aghast said...

Well, I don't pretend to be an 'expert' on any of these issues. I'm just an old observer waiting to pass the baton on to the younger generation (poor bastards!)
IMHO, Kinder Morgan will fade (peacefully, I hope)into the past. There is no doubt in my mind that the economics will support such an ill conceived venture - well one that has turned out to be ill conceived. Renewables will prove them wrong.

By the time this venture wends it's way through the court systems the ICE will be history and so will the need for a pipeline.

In my unlearned opinion it would make much more sense to neutralize the opposition to KM by:
1) Pipeing the stuff east, thereby avoiding the shipping costs to nebulous regions and from our 'friends' in Saudi Arabia. Not only avoiding all the shipping contamination but also increasing our energy self sufficiency - if you believe Fossil Fuels have a future!
2) Refining it on site, again if you believe FFs have a future.
3) Throwing the Enron bastard is jail.

The Mound of Sound said...

Bernie, I wrote on another blog a few days ago that Trudeau didn't have anything approaching the absolute constitutional power he would have us believe he holds.

Today DeSmogBlog posted an excellent interview with an expert and veteran constitutional lawyer that drives home the same point. It's well worth a read.

The Mound of Sound said...

John, I genuinely hope your take is right. Thanks.