Tuesday, April 24, 2018

British Columbia's Newest Arrivals

Seeing is believing. If you want to realize that climate change is real, that it's happening now, it can help to live on a coast. That's where you'll find the most mobile of climate migrants, marine life - fish, marine mammals, and marine birds.

As equatorial and tropical waters heat up, marine species are migrating poleward.  Some are species that we've always had in small numbers, their ranks suddenly swollen with the arrival of newcomers.  Others, such as the humpback whales, are species that had been lost due to earlier predation. It's good to see them back in significant numbers.

Many of these species migrate in pursuit of their prey fish, mainly herring and sardines, which are also moving poleward into cooler waters.

The latest newcomers are bottlenose dolphins and false killer whales found swimming together in what seems to be a mixed pod off the west coast of Vancouver Island.

"To see the two species traveling together and interacting was quite special and rare," researcher Luke Halpin says in a statement. 
"It is known that common bottlenose dolphins and false killer whales seek each other out and interact, but the purpose of the interactions is unclear.” 
“Since 2014 I have documented several warm-water species: common bottlenose dolphins, a swordfish and a loggerhead turtle in British Columbian waters," Halpin says. 
"With marine waters increasingly warming up we can expect to see more typically warm-water species in the northeastern Pacific.”


Anonymous said...

Excellent! Looks like I'll be able to live out my Hemingway fantasies right here in Canada. Let me know when you start growing sugar cane and limes so I can gulp down some BC daiquiris while fishing for swordfish.


Anonymous said...

We'll drive them away with dilbit spills soon enough. Win-win eh?

Mounds Brudda said...

How do we address NAFTA so that we can export processed and refined products made from our own natural resources?

Owen Gray said...

It's all about finding a cooler spot to call home. There will soon be no need to head south for the winter.

rumleyfips said...

OT, but wait till the Suprems see the memos.

The Mound of Sound said...

Mojitos, Cap. That's the Hemmingway style.

The Mound of Sound said...

Brudda - you ask a great deal. It begins by electing a leader with a significant measure of intellect, vision and courage (been a long time since we saw one of those). Then it would entail a determine but drawn out effort to extract Canada from the grip of neoliberal globalism. Finally it would lead to Russian Roulette - either revise NAFTA or be prepared to abandon it.
I think an alarming number of Canadians would sooner sell their first born to sex slavers than see the economy, their jobs, put at any risk.

The Mound of Sound said...

You might be surprised to learn, Owen, that the Scandinavians are exploring a future in which European tourists flock to the lovely beaches of the Baltic instead of the unbearable heat of the Mediterranean.

The Mound of Sound said...

Rumley - I did a brief post on that. Thanks for the link.