Monday, April 30, 2018

There's More Than a Little Trump in Trudeau

He must know he's seen as a bit of a shitbird out here which would explain why Justin Trudeau made sure to get his ass to Vancouver to announce that Amazon is expanding its tech hub, adding another 3,000 tech jobs to its B.C. operations.

"Hey guys, look at me, look at me. Amazon. 3,000 tech jobs. It had to be me. Forget about that pipeline. Pretend you don't see those supertankers wallowing right past your office. 3,000 jobs. Good news. Look at me, look at me. Anybody want a selfie? Look at me."

Trudeau did it up in true Trump style. He even had a gaggle of tech nerds arranged in bleachers as a backdrop for the announcement.

"Hey, look at me. Have you looked at me yet? Look, it's me. Hey, did you see these guys behind me? They're real nerds. I got nerds. Look at me."

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Anonymous said...

So now you're dealing with both Kinder Morgan AND Amazon?! The BC Libs must have built up some serious bad karma for the province.