Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Who Knows What We Might Learn?

Alberta's outgoing premier, Rachel Notley, will table legislation permitting that province to put British Columbians under some bizarre form of petro-siege. There's sheer malevolence to it, Notley's words make that unquestionable.

Victoria says British Columbia will go to court (funny how Ottawa and Alberta aren't keen on airing these difficult legal questions in courts) to lift the siege. Notley says they've got a legal opinion that their law's a winner.

The way I see it, this is a no-win for Notley and her dutiful man/boy Trudeau and no-lose for British Columbia. Here's my thinking.

If one province in our Confederation can legally lay siege to another (I think you can see where this is going) then this rotten notion of nationhood is meaningless, a farce. That would leave British Columbia no choice but to take control of its borders, especially the one that divides us from our friends to the south. America, in case you haven't heard, is flush with gas, cheap gas, and they're looking for new markets. Cut off, under petro-siege, British Columbia would have no choice but to declare independence/sovereignty and establish some form of customs union with Uncle Samuel.

Let's go to court. Let's see what we can learn about how we're supposed to deal with rednecks and punks from Ottawa. It's time to explore our options, what's best for British Columbia. As for independence, history shows that always begins with a dream, a dream of getting out from underneath something that you can no longer abide.


the salamander said...

.. do I want to see Canada fragment during my lifespan.. duh, no
but it could happen because of a foreign owned pipeline
running dilbit to supertankers to the Texas Gulf Coast & Asia
And two consecutive Prime Minister and a Premier or two or three
who pimp it all as 'National Interest'
& seemingly all believe the manufacture
and export of armored vehicles
is important to our 'economy' & will 'drive it'

Is that like dying on Mt Everest is a saintly thing?
Or losing your legs in Afghanistan somehow heroic?
I like being connected to my legs
and I aint a climber, though I hiked Mount Rundle
and crawled carefully to the edge to gaze at distant Calgary

We need answers, not evasions
from young Justin and earnest Ms McKenna
but the questions have to be fastballs
chin high.. purpose pitches

The questions are about National Interest
Astonishing pollution, Extirpation of habitat & species
and the horseshit of 'Energy Security For Canadians

I add Jason Kenney to the equation..
And if mainstream media aint up to the job
well they can fluck off..
and maybe Indy Bloggers take over

Anonymous said...

Do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound? Get a grip on yourself you senile old fool.

Toby said...

From another senile old fool, I think the salamander has it right on target and someone named Anonymous or Wet Behind his Ears is looking rather foolish.

The Mound of Sound said...

Relax, Toby. Before I read the anonymouse greasy comment I posted Rafe Mair's parting message. See the next post.

The Mound of Sound said...

anonymouse, I'm not senile, anything but. And, being an anonymouse your opinion about anything is all but irrelevant. However, do read the next post that really explains my position. You may not like it. I could care less.

Trailblazer said...

BCrexit; doesn't even sound good, sorry won't fly.


the salamander said...

.. thanks Mound.. thought he was talking at me..
and I was mounting my war rhino
I never take kindly to insults

the salamander said...

.. and I miss Rafe.. bigtime

The Mound of Sound said...

TB, when it comes to environmentalism and ecology, British Columbia and its people stand apart from the rest of the country. It's a West Coast thing that obtains in Washington, Oregon and California as well. We're also more outdoors oriented, healthier and longer lived than the rest of our respective countrymen. As the kids say, it is what it is.

What Rafe Mair referred to is true. We hold values that are different than in other regions. Lord knows we've become inured to being mocked for it. That too is what it is.

When Notley and Trudeau ignore the law of the land, the "precautionary principle" and just run roughshod over us to drive this goddamned pipeline through over our opposition, that is an act of aggression that a good many Canadians and both major federal parties seem to think is just fine.

What, Trail Blazer, does that tell us? Must you be a British Columbian to find that outrageous and unacceptable? We have endured Trudeau's repeated lies about this going back to the campaign of 2015 that saw him pick up a good many seats in this province that handed him his majority.

They haven't shown that this is safe. They haven't even done the research. Environment Canada, the federal agency, confirms that research hasn't been done. So does the Royal Society. Trudeau says his government has "done the science" but won't produce it. Another lie in furtherance of his aggression against my province. Notley is no better, not one bit. Her aggression is even more blatant than Trudeau's.

The only way for us to remain in the Canada of Stephen Harper/Justin Trudeau is as a second-class province. Why should we settle for that?

Trailblazer said...

The first action a separating country takes is to negotiate just how to get along with the old heads of state.
Perhaps we, BC, should just renegotiate our part within the confederation?

Quebec have a special place, why not BC?

Whilst it becomes more difficult to enjoy the great outdoors at three score years and ten; I agree that BC is ( was!) a place that draws those that appreciate nature.
Beautiful BC is not just a cute license plate.
I would also agree that those that live in a direct southerly line of us would seem to appreciate similar outdoors values.
That said , I feel that Americans are quite different.
A willingness to use force to decide issues and an ignorance of the value of universal medical care are perhaps the most outstanding.

FWIW. and you Mound must see this!
Vancouver Island and other parts of BC have been swamped with retiring Albertans escaping the climate.
Their presence has changed the way people vote.
We now have enclaves of bible thumping gun loving Conservatives like we never saw before.
This change in demographics is shaking the very core of what it is/was to be BC'er..


Trailblazer said...

Hey, Mound!!!
If Knotley stops oil coming to BC; lets stop Albertans moving to BC.
Let the bastards freeze.

ha ha.


The Mound of Sound said...

Too true, TB. I have a couple of neighbours who left Wild Rose country to spend their end of life here on the island. Alberta gets their money when they're working, we get to underwrite their healthcare, etc. when they've stopped contributing.

It wasn't that long ago they were sending their indigents on one-way bus trips to Vancouver. They may still be doing that.

On my way home tonight I pondered whether, if Notley plays hardball, we ought to tell our Wild Rose visitors we can't spare gas for their vehicles whilst they're here. Perhaps Rachel can tell them where to fill up.

The Mound of Sound said...

Your idea of demanding a renegotiation of the federation, re-opening the constitution, has a certain appeal. Quebec is the only province backing us and they want it re-opened. Perhaps the two of us should join forces to strong arm Justin. Wouldn't that be fun.