Thursday, April 12, 2018

Let Me Put This Bluntly

You Know You're In a Magical Place called British Columbia
When You Must Pack a Light Lunch Before Setting Out
To Circumnavigate a Tree
A province being coerced to allow something potentially catastrophic to be done to its territory and coast against the will of its people and without their consent, something no other province is similarly obliged to submit to, is more than ample cause for abandoning Confederation.

Using the cudgel of "national interest" to bludgeon a province, to imperil that province, to force it to bear the risk of irreparable harm, is something that should only be done in extremis. Pimping bitumen to a world spiraling into runaway global warming does not approach that standard of extremis. Trudeau should pay dearly for his cheap and thuggish behaviour.

What Trudeau's Liberal government and Notley's NDP government and their utterly sketchy Texas pipeline pals intend on doing is to reduce British Columbia from a province to a captive colony.

Fuck that.


Anonymous said...

Thank you!
Some freakin' sanity in all of this.
We tell our kids not to bully.
What's the first tactic used by someone not getting their way (Kinder Morgan, Alberta, Trudeau)?
If BC leaves Confederation, that'd be a shame, but I can certainly understand why.

Jay Farquharson said...

BC's not going to roll over.

Somebody needs to start a letter writing Campaign, using out takes from the Tyee Article yesterday,:

- pointing out that the Pipeline is a Corporate Welfare Scam,

- pointing out that the Federal Liberals have 17 seats in BC that they've put at risk, and only 4 seats in Alberta, which if they are lucky, they will get to keep in the next election,

And get people to send that to their Liberal MP, and Alberta Dippers.

Deacon Jester said...

Don't know if you saw this:

the salamander said...

.. Ah... I am really getting aggro'd
I try to leave that dark beast chained deep down in my darkest space
Threaten my family, my dog, friends, or my country
and it might escape, swim madly to the surface
It a horrible black shapeless creature unleashed

This stinking Texas based pipeline thing ..
its an attack on my country.. our species & creatures
special places I have had the privilege of living in
working in or visiting

Like why not allow them to nuke Banff National Park too
or frack the living daylights out of it
just gut it and get it over with

I suspect there are more Canadians that feel the same way
and ms Notely and Justin might be wise to take note

World Class rescue my ass.. talking out their asses
The Economy, National Interests, Jobs Jobs Jobs
Its th rip n strip and pollution of a country
Can Justin Trudeau name a town
with a functional saw mill..
No I really didn't think so..

Can he name the town or city of our grain belt railway hub
No I really didn't think so

Can he point to the area of thickest sea ice in Canada?
Or the actual population of polar bears
No I really didn't think so
How is he on boreal caribou
its on our 25 cent piece Justin

Wild salmon? They tickle your imagination?
This is becoming 'lost cause'
I feel the black beast stirring
it aint friendly.. far from it

Was that a link in the chain snapping
oh deary me..

The Mound of Sound said...

Good ideas, Jay. Why don't you work up some draft letters and shop them around to the opposition groups? Think of how to get them circulated and targeted. I am impressed. Thanks.

The Mound of Sound said...

Deacon, thanks for the link. I read the article and it adds to comments by knowledgeable types who suspect Trudeau is getting conned by the bastard orphan of Enron, Kinder-Morgan.

The Mound of Sound said...

Sal, I guess I don't have to tell you how angry and frustrated I am with this thuggery. Trudeau argues that pimping bitumen is in the "national interest." Then again, we have abundant proof that this prime minister will say anything. What is in the national interest is strengthening Confederation and that's above all else. This man/boy prime minister and his puppeteers don't understand that. They might not even care.