Thursday, April 19, 2018

Stunning, Absolutely Stunning.

The next time someone tells you that pimping bitumen is in the "national interest," invite them to watch this. Then ask them - ask Trudeau, ask Notley - what's in the "national interest" of our grandchildren?

Play this magnificent video full screen, volume up. Then with climate change this rampant ask yourself why we're so bent on pimping bitumen.

GLACIER EXIT from Raphael Rogers on Vimeo.


Al said...

Damn, we're really losing it! Yet my family, friends, neighbours, all pretty much avoid thinking that it applies to them.

The Mound of Sound said...

I'm growing less confident with each passing year that we haven't already lost the battle to avert runaway global warming, Al.

Some places, especially major urban centres are more prone to "creeping normalcy" where changes are written off to freak events until the become so regular they're just accepted as the "new normal."

Here we get to experience it more sharply from longer and more intense forest fire seasons to marine life of all descriptions - fish, marine mammals, marine birds - steadily migrating further away from the tropics, ever poleward. Sometimes they do it of their own volition. More often they follow the migrating prey fish, the herring and sardines, they feed upon. It's nice to see the return of large numbers of humpback whales to our waters where they had been hunted to extinction decades ago. But it's also a statement of what's happening to the south.

Now the oceans are experiencing oceanic heatwaves. One is said to have killed off nearly a third of the Great Barrier Reef corals in 2016.

Perhaps, as more severe climate change impacts sweep through the rest of the country we, as a people, will come to see this fossil fuel industry as a madness that must be stopped. Whether that happens in time to matter, however, is doubtful.

The only two parties to ever form government in Canada are both rabid fossil fuelers. We are in the grip of their petro-state obsession. How we are to get out from under them is hard to imagine.

I think we've played a shitty trick on our grandchildren.

Lorne said...

Immeasurably sad and immeasurably sobering, Mound. If only our politicians had the same concern for future generations as the glacier guide has.

The Mound of Sound said...

Lorne, how do you watch something like this and define "national interest" as bitumen? That sounds completely mad. You'll know how I've written so often that we're seeing the heralds of climate change here on the west coast. Forest fire seasons of greatly increased duration and coverage. The migration of sea life of all forms into our coastal waters. Mountain snowpacks so essential to the survival of so many terrestrial creatures that have become erratic, unpredictable.

How then do we define the "national interest" as bitumen? Does this man/boy prime minister have any regard for the future we're bequeathing to our grandchildren?

This is not some propaganda video. This is happening right now and yet the Trudeaus and McKennas, the Carrs and the Notleys, do not permit that to inform their conscience. What does that tell us about them? How do we abide them as our leaders?

I wish I could say, let's vote the other guys in, they'll do better. I imagined that in 2015. And yet look where we are today.

Watch this video three or four times. Post it to your blog and your facebook page. Let everyone that you possibly can see it.