Friday, January 04, 2013

Fantino's Foot-In-Mouthitis Flares Again

Harper loose cannon Julian Fantino is at it again.   Now safely distanced from the F-35 fiasco, Fantino has been unleashed on the International Cooperation portfolio.

His diplomatic prowess was demonstrated in La Presse where Fantino announced Canadian aid to Haiti was being frozen.  It turns out that nobody notified the Haitians or, for that matter, Canada's ambassador to Port-au-Prince either.

Haitian ambassador to Canada Frantz Liautaud said the first he heard of Mr. Fantino’s freeze on aid to Haiti was through this morning’s news. He’s already contacted the Canadian International Development Agency, the government aid organization that Mr. Fantino oversees, seeking clarification.

...He said he called Canada’s ambassador to Port-au-Prince, who didn’t know about it either. “He also learned about it from the press,” Mr. Liautaud said.

In his interview with La Presse, Mr. Fantino said Haitians have to take charge of their own problems, and was quoted in French saying Haitian aid is “on ice at the moment.”

Are we going to take care of their problems forever? They also have to take charge of themselves,” he was quoted as saying by La Presse.

Yep, Fantino is all class.  How this joker ever got beyond beat cop is a complete mystery.


Edstock said...

Remember, Julie's out of the system that brought us the persecution of Susan Nelles.

The Harper government reminds me of a bunch of drunks in gumboots trying to do Swan Lake. Maybe with a guest appearance by Rob Ford.

I mean, cutting back on aid is probably a good idea, as it seems to be a black hole for funds, but for crissakes, tell your ambassador BEFORE you open your gob. Mind-bogglingly inept and boorish. What a yumpum.

diamondwalker said...

Still waiting to hear if Elections Canada is investigating Fantino and/or his campaign people re the by-election he became an MP from and the subsequent federal election that followed.

The term 'alleged' follows him everywhere he goes. Not someone you want to cross. Does anyone remember Emily Dee - (Pushed To The Left And Loving It) ? Or Brian-Michel LaRue - (Unfuckwithable)

After being cursed by a slight promotion & association with boat anchor Peter Mackay, Julian scampered free with minor damage. Fantino is simply Vic Toews x 200 with real and major muscle and zero compunction about applying it.

Fantino operates freely.. under the Pandora Harper Dominion umbrella .. as he's one of the few that can sink the entire stinking rats nest.. including Stevie

Owen Gray said...

Fantino's rise proves that it's not what you know, it's who you know that counts.

The Mound of Sound said...

I know, why not make him tourism minister? Surely he can't cause too much trouble there.