Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Full Measure of High-Carbon Bitumen

Bitumen boosters in the Alberta and Federal governments, Big Oil and the pipeline hustlers are vigilant in ensuring the public never gets an overall picture of the impact of the Tar Sands.

We're shown a snippet here, a glimpse there, all carefully crafted to give us false assurances of what Canada is doing with this resource.  Which is why I invite you to read this informative article from Scientific American that presents the comprehensive picture  Edmonton and Ottawa and Calgary really don't want you to see.

And then, if you're a Liberal, ask yourself how you can support a party whose top leadership candidates are avowedly pro-bitumen.  It's sort of like being pro-asbestos only worse.   You really are scraping the bottom of the bitumen barrel with leadership hopefuls like these.

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