Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Harper Frightened, Seeks Political Cover

When Steve Harper says he wants "consensus" it means only one thing - he's run out of guts and wants political cover from the opposition.

Harper wants the opposition to back his next step to dragging Canada into war with al Qaeda in the Sahara.   He's already loaned France one C-17 and now he wants to deploy a second transport.  Who knows, he might even want to fill it with soldiers - although he says he won't.   One thing Afghanistan has taught us is that, when it comes to warfare, you never take Steve's words at face value.

The mission could last for months, sources tell the CBC's James Cudmore. But, they caution, the most pressing moments for the nascent international force in Mali are during these early days of the operation — and that's where Canada's efforts will likely be focused.

French military planners are desperate to surge gear and troops into Mali and deploy them forward to the fight. It's that effort Canada is considering assisting.

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sassy said...

You've nailed it in your first paragraph.