Thursday, January 31, 2013

Must-Read Posts Today

If you want to understand what we're up against in resisting the Northern Gateway and Kinder Morgan plans, you must read Ray Grigg's expose on Harper in the Common Sense Canadian.  The bastard we have as a prime minister is plainly diabolical and ready, willing and able to inflict harm on Canada and the world.

Richard at Canadian Trends shows how corporatism and petro-politics are playing hell with Alberta's economy and its provincial budget.  Much of what he writes could apply to your province too.   Also read Richard's take on why Alberta's petro-economy is a ship that has sailed.   And don't pass up his response to Premier Alison Redford's fireside chat fantasy.

These are great posts, really fine analysis, and you'll get a lot out of them.   When you're finished you'll understand that it takes someone with a mind as warped as Steve Harper's to push through these pipelines.


the salamander said...

Thanks.. the Ray Grigg essay is like fresh water in a desert I wander in.. priceless. There's times I wonder if my perspective is addled, I'm out of touch.. or just plain stoopid.. or stunned

But.. I keep coming back to a fundamental and frightening belief that haunts me. What happens if we or the public servants we elect, manage to ruin, poison or chase off one integral species of the marine or boreal food chain. Just one.. !

And what happens if we eradicate entire integrated segments ?

The current Harper legacy under construction will ensure he and his foolish drones Oliver, Kent, Ashfield & Baird are remembered for their active role in the wiping out of wild Pacific salmon and everyone and anything connected to such an ecological disaster.

That collapse will immediately include orca, seals, sea otter, eagles, coastal bears and the local economies of coastal First Nations. And I'd guess the entire commercial fisheries related to salmon or other related fish. He might as well attack and destroy wheat.. or trees .. or fresh water.. or milk.. or chain his legacy to how well the polar bears do without ice or seals.

Yes, you're going to get a Canadian postage stamp mr Harper.. it won't be pretty, no matter how much lipstick you try to spin onto it. That's you.. standing on the shore of a blighted Alberta tailings pond with a fly fishing rod.. dead ducks and Canada Geese soaked in oil floating face down in the toxic sludge just behind you.. and methane flares illuminating the darkness behind you. Yellow hip waders.. and the windbreaker with CANADA is a nice touch.. but where is your hockey historian tuque ?

The so called omnibus bills of Stephen Harper, his sad sack hollow followers and foreign based petroleum sheiks are absolutely geared to accomplishing this economics 101 driven environmental & natural food chain experiment.. petro harvest .. crime

The petro dream ascendancy Harper and his droogs et al are driven by and smitten of will be carried out at the expense of the Canadian environment and interconnected natural cycles.. putting at risk then destroying anything or anyone that thrives or survives because of its life supporting reality.

The threat has been formalized.. as so called 'budget items' by an experienced Harper political piglet named Flaherty .. Only certain fish, wildlife or First Nations are to be protected or consulted. the rest can suck eggs, wither & die. Fish habitat and certain lakes good for water skiing will be protected, or not .. by new, biologically obscured, politically secure or invented royal ministerial edict. Thanks Jimbo .. we will not forget.. and mr Clemente, you either

i just want to see these jowly jackasses in expensive suits, political remoras on record, and putting their name down.. signing that they're A-OK with being the chiefs that decided the tar sands, open season on the environment of Canada, pipelines and tankers everywhere, and resource sellouts to China were more precious than environmental integrity, common sense and protecting the nation and its citizens and creatures.

A dark era for Canada and Canadians ....
Je me souvienes ....
Yes .. I will remember ..

The Mound of Sound said...

Yes it was informative, particularly, for me, Flanagan's admission that Harper is skilled in presenting appearances of making a difference while actually doing nothing. That is an apt description of his government's refusal to act on climate change.

It is also telling that Harper doesn't really want to lead Canada, that he's utterly devoid of vision. Harper merely wants to run the Canadian economy and other duties of office that might interfere with that are simply shelved. That's why we keep falling behind on so many fronts while Harper is in power.

Flanagan's remarks also erase any doubt that Harper remains fully intent on pushing those damned pipelines through.

Owen Gray said...

Grigg's take is really interesting, Mound. It's a little startling that Flanagan was so forthcoming. He sees Harper's strengths and his weaknesses.

And it just may be that those weaknesses make him no match for Canada's native peoples.

The Mound of Sound said...

I think Harper is acutely aware of the need to drive a wedge between First Nations and non-native Canadians. If the sense of common interest takes hold he'll be dealing with a force far harder to control or suppress.

Flanagan's remark about appearance without substance as Harper's modus operandi is chilling - and infuriating.

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