Sunday, January 27, 2013

Palin Tributes Just Keep Rollin' In

From   A collection of tweets in reaction to the FOX News announcement that the network was parting company with Sarah Palin.

- The Blaze and Al Jazeera in a bidding war for Palin.

- The Palin business will be v hard to explain to future generations, like Boulangerism in France  

- best of luck to sarah palin as she returns to the meth business

- Hey Sarah, how's that Fox-y News-y thing workin' out for ya?

- Congratulations, Governor Palin. If I remember the Gospels correctly, Jesus only worked at Fox for a few years too. 

- Sarah Palin actually lasted longer as a Fox News talking head than she did as Governor of Alaska.

- Now taking ideas for what Palin will use that Wasilla studio for

- If Sarah Palin had a gun, her career would still be alive.

- Anyone interested in hiring a charismatic speaker with limited governing experience in the Alaska area? Asking for a friend...

- Sarah Palin leaving Fox. Well, that's a kick in the pants for senseless babble 

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