Sunday, January 06, 2013

Idle No More Probably Defies Convenient Definition

Idle No More doesn't speak to a grievance.   It doesn't speak to two or three.   What it speaks to is defined solely by how broadly and deeply it resonates both within the First Nations community and beyond into the greater society.

That's probably what most vexes our autocratic government.  Despite their resistance, even the best efforts of the talking points they have distributed for circulation throughout the rightwing (i.e. corporate) media, we are siding with INM if for no other reason that it validates our own distrust, contempt and alienation from our government.

We have had it UP TO THE TITS.

We don't rely on the hapless New Democrats or Liberals any more.  Both of them, yes even the NDP, are only slightly less corporatist than the Tories.

I wish I could be conveniently disingenuous enough to say that we support Idle No More in its own right.  That would be too much.  We support it mainly as another coal for the fire of our own discontent.  When we're content and placid we're all too willing to turn indifferent to First Nations and their problems.

But they're here now and so are we and perhaps now it's time to find what connects us and to fix what has for so long been left neglected, broken.

We're on the verge of a fight for the country that, in a few aspects, recalls an earlier fight two centuries past.  It's time non-native Canada stood alongside First Nation Canada and stood our ground, together, resolute.

If we stand together they can't hope to win and they know it.  They will stop at nothing to keep that from happening.   We may have to wage this battle in British Columbia but the war is for the future of Canada.


Anonymous said...

One word: Kelowna

ron wilton said...

I have been wondering if there were ant possible way to get rid of harper before 2015, and now with INM I see a some light amidst all the harper induced darkness.

Perhaps I won't have to resort to violence after all.

The Mound of Sound said...

Anon, I agree.

Ron, best you pack up your thoughts of violence. That merely plays into their hands. Besides, civil disobedience has far more lasting impact.