Saturday, April 04, 2015

New Rule

If your party has cultivated a constituency whose interest lies in perpetuating a state of permanent warfare, you have forfeit any right to participate in democratic governance.

If your party has allowed itself to be politically "captured" by this same sort of constituency, you likewise have abandoned, no surrendered, any claim to legitimacy to govern.

End of story.  New Rule.

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the salamander said...

.. I think the corrollary to that new rule is that individuals and mainstream media need to ensure its clearly understood to be basic law of the land..

My interest and effort currently is aimed at informing and motivating other individuals like myself, to inform, update, support and challenge Mainstream Media to use their power, position, skills, ethics to inform citizens and voters about what is going on in Canada.

Like cease the lazy news cycle regarding popularity polls and instead get out there and report back what is really going down. Wishy washy doesn't cut it.. tell Canadians why MPs and PM are so pro Israel, even if it hurts. Take a run at the facts re infected salmon sold in stores.

Where is the money re 2 years of Canada Pension funds that Harper, Flaherty, Clement et al amputated from Canadian seniors lives? Get to the bare asssed fat bottom of the Harper/Kenney Temporary Foreign Worker fiasco... duh ..

If I can help light a fire under media, hand me the matches please. This cursed government is rotten to the core, tottering, festering.. ready to explode and reading pimpy yellow journalism about creeps like Speaker Scheer, Joe Oliver's passover dinner, Harper's wife or Baird's cultivated clothier make me want to puke fire & brimstone

My fingers n toes are crossed that MM grows a giant pair and rips this frothy fraudulent Harper Government to shreds over the lies they have told us, the scams they've perpetrated and the madness inside their tiny cowardly brains