Monday, April 27, 2015

New York City. Four Cops. Two Black Guys. Nobody Dies.

Maybe it was because the cops were Swedes on the subway going to catch a performance of Les Miserable.  A fight broke out between two homeless men. When the conductor asked for police assistance, the four tourists intervened and, surprisingly, neither of the black guys died.  No one was shot, not even once, no one was Tasered, no one was strangled or suffocated.  Wowser.

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Toby said...

That video should be required viewing in every police academy.

I have long suspected that efficiency is at the root of much police brutality. It can take a long time to talk down a tense situation. A Taser or gun can do it quickly thus enabling the officers to be dispatched to other cases. That means fewer police to handle bigger workloads. (Remember when a policeman walking a beat was standard?) Municipal bean counters must love police violence.

It's false economy, of course, but short term economics . . .