Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Steve Hits One Straight Out Of the Park

Confused about the NDP's real position on combating climate change?  I've never been able to figure them out, especially since Layton and Mulcair put their party on the path to Blairification.

Which is why I heartily recommend that you check out Sudbury Steve's essay on the New Democrats and climate change.  When it comes to climate change and the Canada your grandkids will have to live in, the NDP are just another bunch of neoliberal con artists.


Lorne said...

Sad, but ultimately not surprising, Mound.

thwap said...


Yesterday I was working on a huge post and didn't really know what to say.

This morning I expected to find at least 10 comments here. Perhaps they're at the original link.

Those are sad things about the NDP. It's one of the reasons I find Canadian politics so depressing.

It isn't the first time I've been appalled at stuff the NDP says and does.

That said, I think it's Quixotic to imagine that in our FPTP electoral system, hordes of voters will switch from the NDP and the LIBS to the Greens.

I tend to support the NDP over the Libs because the Libs are dominated by capitalists. And there was always too much "green capitalism" and not enough respect for the labour movement from the Greens for me. (Plus the whole vote-splitting thing.)

That having been said, I'll be voting Liberal in my riding (Don Valley West) because the NDP doesn't have a hope in hell here and the important thing is to defeat and punish the party that has eviscerated even the concept of parliamentary democracy.

The Mound of Sound said...

If Harper has done anything for this country, let's hope it has been to finally persuade the public of the potential malevolence of FPTP. It has certainly made me see electoral reform as crucial to the restoration of our democracy.

Imagine the Greens holding 16% of the seats in the Commons. Of course if proportional representation was introduced I expect their share would be far greater still.

I take hope in Syrzia and Podemos.

BTW, I read a research study recently that maintained our greenhouse gas emissions challenge won't be a problem by the time we reach 4C. The paper argued that, at 4C, we will see global civilizational collapse which, of itself, will shut down most of our major CO2 emission activities.

I see chaos ahead, Thwap, as most credible scientists acknowledge that 4C is now almost inevitable.

the salamander said...

.. Blade Runner .. opening scene ..

thwap said...

Yeah, I don't pretend that global warming is a topic that can be compartmentalized, ... put down on the list of priorities to number 5 or something.

But there's the pressing need to get rid of a man and a party who represent a movement that's all about destroying the very notion of a government that represents and listens to all the people.

Anonymous said...

I also think that abolishing First past the post system in the favour of some kind of proportional representation is crucial. The very reason why all 3main parties are against getting rid of FPTP system is because they ALL are controlled by "establishment."
Multiparty proportional system is far more difficult to control.