Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Beautiful Simplicity of the Obvious

The CBC is running a story about an 'anonymous Conservative source' who claimed it was untrue, as Mike Duffy's lawyer claims, that Duffy never expressed any doubts to Harper about being appointed senator for PEI.

One comment from a CBC web commenter,  Chris Conway, pretty much nails it. Now, Chris, itemize your costs and time and send that along to Don Bayne.

From Chris Conway:

"An anonymous Conservative disputes something Duffy apparently discussed with Harper. Either that anonymous Conservative was very close to Harper at all times when Duffy was talking to Harper OR Harper told a minion to deny the allegation."

Another example of why it is important to get Harper under oath.


the salamander said...

.. great catch, Mound .. as is the observation and applied logic from the web commenter. This is Ray Novak, Stephen Lecce or Jenni Byrne or Arthur Hamilton.. Charlie the chinchilla or Laureen.. or an unknown intimate or Jason Kenney.. leaking or whispering on royal command, her Majesty Steve's innermost thoughts.

The PMO certainly could not come up with such a deep and complex propoganda gambit.. nor a Van Loan or a De Lorey.. Oh Oh .. mebbe that smiley crocodile.. snively whiplash Paul Calandra?

Its become parody, parable and prophesy.. even heresy now.. the heroic efforts of the mighty PM Harper, guardian of Israel, Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Arctic.. the Chinese economy, and purportedly... Canada.. has flipped his wig on Duffy.

Scotian said...

Clearly the latter since unlike that unnamed PMO source there is lots of evidenciary documentation now in the public domain to support that Duffy was clearly worried about it from day one. That they would be sent out to sell this unsupported in the face of all that information out there thanks to the trial just underscores just how much this government and PMO in particular are all about the message only all the time, regardless of viability, credibility, and believability of said message.