Monday, April 16, 2018

Good Morning Fellow Pipeline Owners

Word is that Justin is packing up the federal chequebook and heading to Texas to buy himself - and the rest of us - a lovely pipeline. This way he takes Kinder Morgan off the hook and places the risks of a collapse of bitumen markets and the cost of that infernal pipeline squarely in your lap.  Do ya feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?

Now I suppose that'll be money Trudeau could have spent on other things such as education, advancement of equality or rehabilitating our essential infrastructure without which there'll be no economy but, no, it'll be a pipeline. For coastal British Columbians it brings to mind Orwell's idea, "If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever."

Maybe the apple doesn't fall far from the tree but a few do rot real fast.

This should be enough to get the prime minister a head table seat at the Calgary Petroleum Club. He'll be up to his tits in the oil business, a player. And once the federal government becomes an integral part of the bitumen industry, once it has skin in the game, I'm sure it will have no effect whatsoever on the government's sacred duty as defender of Canada's environment.


Anonymous said...

Remember the shrieks and howls from Albertans when Trudeau Sr created Petro-Canada to compete with the American oil companies?

Now it seems Trudeau Jr's plan to compete against TransCanada Pipelines by buying up an American pipeline company's assets has the the support of Albertans. Seems they really are in favour of the government interfering in the "free market." Who knew? I bet this will result in a Liberal sweep of AB ridings in the next election!


The Mound of Sound said...

My focus, Cap, is on doing whatever I can to help ensure the Liberals lose every possible seat in British Columbia in 2019.

rumleyfips said...

I suspect Kinder Morgan may try to overvalue their tube. Doing so should eliminate any chance of a sucessful NAFTA lawsuit. Kinder Morgan has also failed to even apply for more than half the permits they need. They haven't done much to secure First Nations cooperation. They need to show more genuine effort to make extortion work.

I keep thinking about that eagle feather Elijah Harper held. The powers that be seem ready to scupper the pipeline if it means they can avoid negotiating in good faith with first nations groups.

the salamander said...

.. defying belief.. another 'government' unable to communicate with or consider the perspectives of Canadians. Harper wrote the book and here comes Justin piling on. This aint going to be pretty.. they intend to jam this new pipeline up our arse, in 'The National Interest' .. 'all that wealth in the ground' and 'Energy Security For Canadians' will be delivered by storks' from Asia or the Texas Gulf Coast after the supertankers thrashing the Salish Sea deliver it there or there. This is Trump level deceit and mouthfarting.. and BC and Alberta the scene of the crime. Oh, the likely sellouts will produce their polls..

BUT - what if the poll questions start with 'Are you OK with exterminating the food chains including wild salmon, orca, sea otters, polar bears, coastal wolves, eagles, herring, shellfish, bear? This not related to a dilbit spill.. this in advance of such a disaster.. Do you know anything about the process off 'fracking' ? Another doozy for a poll

D'ya think that might 'flavor' a poll ?

But hey Mound.. For 19.95 you can grab a new commemorative coin
Its the Canadian Caribou, with a great rack - via Canadian Mint
and its pimping the strength & resiliance
& something else vague & charming
about Canadians.. eh

Presumably your purchase helps subsidize a Texas owned pipeline

The Mound of Sound said...

Speaking of Caribou, Sal, many Canadian stocks are gravely endangered. The culprits are climate change and loss of habitat (fracking???). One herd that ranged into the States is now down to three animals.

I'm fed up. I think the balance of federal/provincial constitutional powers that has brought us to where we are today cannot long be endured. Trudeau is not even content with the federal jurisdiction. He wants to extend it to negate legitimate provincial jurisdiction - "my way or the highway."

Subjugation was not on the table when we signed the instruments of confederation.

Anonymous said...

It certainly isn't what the SCC means by "cooperative federalism," Mound. I can see this pipeline being tied up in the courts for years to come.


the salamander said...

.. oh I'm well aquainted with the status of caribou in Canada.. it was Tony Clement who got approval from Stephen Harper & Ray Novak.. after fighting in the courts against actually protecting them. Their solution was allowing air dropped meat baits loade with strychnine.. to kill off wolves.. and any other boreal creature.. so crow, wolverine, ferret, eagle, fox, bear, jay.. and they called it 'protecting the caribou'