Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Can Somebody Turn This Into Poetry?

If Their New Guy is the Hero
And Their Old Guy
is the Zero
Why, oh why,
does Our Leader
still look so much like
Their Old Guy?


Anonymous said...

This is not a poem
This is fun

Down south of us they've got a new guy
His name's Obama and my, oh my

He's something of a hero
When compared to the zero

The old guy, Bush,
The former lush.

Up here in the True North Strong and Free
We wonder how on Earth it can be

That we've got no hero
That we've got a zero

Who's like their old guy
We've got Sweater-guy!

skdadl said...

We are going to be the last loyal Bushies left in teh world! (That's not poetry -- it's just an expression of despair.)

The Mound of Sound said...

Gee Politicsnpoetry, sounds pretty good to me. Maybe we can get Governor General Michaelle Jean to give you some award for that one. It's not like she's done anything useful for the country in a while.