Sunday, December 07, 2008

Olmert Brands Jewish Settler Rampage Against Palestinians a "Pogrom"

The Guardian recently posted a video clip showing rampaging Israeli settlers gunning down unarmed Palestinians. Today Ehud Olmert described the Israeli atrocities using the very loaded word "pogrom." From McClatchey Newspapers:

"As a Jew, I'm ashamed of the sights of Jews firing at Arabs in Hebron," Olmert said today at the opening of the weekly cabinet meeting. "I have no other definition for what we saw but a pogrom. We are the sons of a nation which knows what a pogrom is, and I'm saying this after much thought. I have no other way to put it."

"We are the children of a people whose historic ethos is built on the memory of pogroms," Olmert said, according to an official translation from his office. "The sight of Jews firing at innocent Palestinians has no other name than pogrom. Even when Jews do this, it is a pogrom. As a Jew, I am ashamed that Jews could do such a thing."

A journalist for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Avi Issacharoff used the word "pogrom" to denouce the settler violence last week. He was subsequently struck in the head by a stone thrown by an angry settler. A Haaretz photographer, Tess Scheflan, was taken to hospital after an Israeli soldier punched her in the face and followed that up with a blow from his rifle butt. The Israeli Defence Force apologized for the attack, said it is investigating and then, curiously enough, added that stickers of the Israeli human rights group B'Tselem were on her cameras. Say what?


Anonymous said...

Sharon ends up in "Coma" and Olmert is Ousted in "Scandal" when they take a Moderate view!!!.Sadly the damn Zionists in the USA and inside the Israeli Government will destroy the JEWS. Zionists aren't JEWS anymore than Evangelics are Christian. Joe Lieberman is a Zionist whereas Honest Ed Mervish was a JEW. Honest Ed could show some of these so called "Christians" what the meaning of Christian is,but than wasn't Jesus just a Progressive Jew anyway just like Honest Ed. Loved and Miss Honest Ed, one of the Great Canadians.

rabbit said...

The Guardian recently posted a video clip showing rampaging Israeli settlers gunning down unarmed Palestinians.

Actually it shows two men (Israelis) having a disagreement with five men (Palestinians). At least one Palestinian appeared to be carrying a sizeble rock.

One of the Israelis fired a handgun at the Palestinians, two of whom suffered wounds (including the one with the rock). The Palestanians took the gunmen down to the ground, where they proceeded to throw rocks at and kick. They threw rocks at the other Israeli.

Not a pretty sight, but "rampaging Israeli settlers gunning down unarmed Palestinians" isn't an accurate description.

The Mound of Sound said...

rabbit, are we supposed to believe that this is a fluke, an isolated incident, an abberation? Yes, this one video does depict one shooting of two Palestinians. Do you really want us to make believe, to pretend that this one incident is enough to spark Olmert to declare "program" or do you think we might just be rational, intelligent human beings who've seen this, and much worse, before?

If you want to conjure up excuses for this and pretend this is an isolated example, please, fuck off.