Friday, December 19, 2008

One Arrogant Bastard - Steve "Mr.Perfect" Harper

I can think of only four world leaders who don't make mistakes - Robert Mugabe, Kim Jong Il, George w. Bush and our very own Stephen Harper. Come next month, Steve's going to have to carry that flag by himself for the Western World.

Steve didn't see the recession coming, did absolutely nothing to prepare Canada for it - not his fault. Who could'a known? Came out of nowhere. The fact that anyone could have known, that credible economists were screaming warnings to all who would listen, isn't a problem for Steve because Steve doesn't listen to those types - you know, Nobel Prize economists. Sheesh, he's got his own degrees in economics, what does he need those guys for?

And, because that wasn't a Stevie mistake, he's going to put all of SIX BILLION DOLLARS into infrastructure programmes to kick start the economy. Seriously, six billion dollars? Less than a third of what we're squandering on that other emergency, Afghanistan?

Steve this isn't money being pissed away, not like every dollar we're losing in Afghanistan. Infrastructure spending (assuming you're serious about doing it right, not gaming it for your own personal political advantage) is money invested, it's money that produces things that will bring a lasting return to the country.

Sorry but six billion dollars for infrastructure spending to fight off what, according to Harper, could turn into a depression is chump change, a pittance. The United States is looking at a trillion - for starters - possibly two, even more. Going on a one to ten ratio, that would translate into a hundred to two hundred billion infrastructure programme for Canada, not a meagre six billion.

Harper's underwhelming $30-billion all-in rescue package (not even half of what we just pumped into the banks) also includes "measures to spur consumer spending." Steve, the problem isn't how many toasters we're buying from Canadian Tire. Most of the crap we're buying comes from China anyway and, while I'm sure they too will appreciate anything that helps them sell more of those products, I'm not at all sure that money will help Canada all that much when it's sitting in a Beijing savings account (or a sovereign wealth fund).

Steve says he also wants to focus on job retraining, better housing for Aboriginals and low-income Canadians, and promoting energy-saving household renovations. Sounds to me like he's pulling the old Bush/Cheney and puffing up his grand scheme by tossing in as many existing government projects as he can to make his "stimulus package" sound better.

Then there's going to be an aid package to the auto industry, aid for the forest industry. Given that this joker is stuck in permanent campaign mode, who knows what that will mean by the time the money flows?

And then there's the coalition and the events that sparked it. Steve insists that cutting off funding to political parties is the right thing to do, something that's "overwhelmingly supported by the public." No, it wasn't a crass political scheme at all, not by a man as principled as our Furious Leader.

Principled? As in honest? As in candid? That's why this greasy child of Cheney couldn't help himself from pumping out this totally knowing lie in his yearender with the Conservative Television Network, "Canadians certainly did not elect a coalition under which the Bloc Québécois would have a veto to govern the country."

As an aside, CTV knows that's a deliberate lie to mislead the Canadian people. CTV knows the Bloc has no veto, much less a "veto to govern the country" under the coalition agreement. Why then does it allow Harper to make such a deliberate and calculated lie on their network? Why does the Conservative Television Network permit itself to serve as a propaganda arm for the prime monster?

Well at least Harper ends the year as he conducted it - completely and deliberately lying to the Canadian people, misleading and manipulating them, and holding this nation and its institutions in utter contempt.


Red Tory said...

Just out of curiosity, why is it that Raphael (the passive-aggressive, heteronormative racist)Alexander have links to all of your posts that track back to a couple of posts he made back in November? Odd that.

The Mound of Sound said...

RT, no idea. Still trying to sort it out. Raphael assures me it's not his doing so there must be some software glitch or some malicious programme. It happens on every post, without exception.

If anyone out there has any idea what's happening, please let me know.

Red Tory said...

Steve V. seems to have the same thing going on with his blog too. There's so much wiz-bang junk and gadgetry on RA's site it's little wonder something would go haywire.

Glad I don't use Blogger. That would really piss me off.

Anonymous said...

Fortunately, Mr. Harper is hardly known outside Canada and maybe USA (and I wouldn't be sure even there...) so at least we don't have to be worried we will be compared to North Korea or Zimbabwe :)
But truly - who has "prepared" country for the crisis? Which leader? I think nobody. And those billions, which are being thrown right now into economies around the world (ok, mainly in the USA) can't be called "preparation"...
Take care