Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Where Are Detroit's Obamas

There are a lot of people in government on both sides of the border who would feel a lot better about multi-billion dollar bailouts of the Big Three if there was a wholesale change of top management.

The doubts aren't just about the product lines. Studies have shown Detroit has come a long way in both quality and fuel-efficiency over the past couple of years - too little, too late. Let's face it, someone was driving those companies into the ditch and those people were sitting in the Big Three boardrooms.

It rankles a lot of legislators to be handing out billions to companies that will still be run by these same faces tomorrow and next month and next year. The MoTown executive rosters are now seen as the problem, not the answer.

Can outsiders run giant motor companies well? Just bettering the track record of the old hands won't be enough. What's needed are really bright, fresh minds that can figure out how to make these companies work. It's just too bad this question was left unasked for so long.

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