Saturday, December 13, 2008

We Will Miss Him When He's Gone

George and Laura have decided not to spend their sunset years at the Crawford ranch after all. Now that George doesn't need the cowboy stage set, he and Laura are moving back to their old neighbourhood in Dallas.

Mark my words, we will miss this Bozo when he's gone.

According to AlterNet, George won't miss the ranch when he's gone. He only bought it in 1999 when he decided to run for the presidency, he can't ride a horse (seems he's afraid of them) and all the cattle at the place belonged to someone who leased the ranchland from him.


Anonymous said...

The funny thing is that Iggy supported the USA's invasion of Iraq while this bozo was president. Go figure, eh?

The Mound of Sound said...

There's no question Igantieff was wrong about Iraq. Of course he supported the American invasion of Iraq. Harper endorsed the Canadian invasion of Iraq, a subtle but important distinction.

Anonymous said...

Funnier yet was watching Harper trying to ride the fence waiting for the Liberal government of the day to commit for or against Iraq so that he could take another of of his now famous, "principled stands". Harper, being the highly principled shark that he is, was prepared to gnaw on any left over dead meat And gnaw he did, loud and long.
He's never apologised or declared himself wrong for his slew-footed shuffle of Canada or the "instant brew of loyalty", he offered to Iraq bound, George Bush. Never once has Accountability Harper declared Iraq illegal let alone wrong.

The Mound of Sound said...

I hear that, foot. It's remarkable how this supposed "leader" avoids bringing in meaningful legislation, save for life imprisonment for pre-pubescent kids. He waits for others to propose legislation and then snipes at them instead, using his opportunity to govern, his duty to govern as a platform to grandstand as though he was in permanent opposition. Much as he quests endlessly for a majority he's terrified to have to step outside his already discredited ideology.

Anonymous said...

Ignatieff admitted he was wrong - did Harper?

This ranch is a Frank Luntz type idea - to make Bush seem like the average Joe.

We have the same think here (Frank Luntz consulted with Harper) - Tim Horton's.

Gimmicky politics and idiots fall for.