Thursday, December 11, 2008

No Charges in Dziekanski Homicide

The four RCMP officers responsible for taking the life of Robert Dziekanski at Vancouver Airport last years will not be charged - with anything.

Of course this is British Columbia where an RCMP officer who claimed to be lying helpless flat on his stomach managed to shoot his alleged assailant astride the officer's back in the back of the head in a feat that no one has been able to replicate - and not be charged with anything.

The Dziekanski case made international headlines because a passenger bystander managed to capture the killing on a home video camera. What was obvious from the video - to everyone around the world who saw it - was that at no time did Dziekanski in any way attack even one of the officers before they repeatedly Tasered him.

I don't know how the RCMP are faring in your province but here in British Columbia they've pretty much gone from hero to zero. This past year we've been greeted to news reports of a number of them arrested for impaired driving and, in my own community, we had one of Canada's finest exposed as a ped.

Well at least they're still good at playing partisan politics in federal election campaigns.


penlan said...

The RCMP has no credibility left nor any integrity. The whole system needs to be re-done from top to bottom.

They have gotten away with murder - plain & simple. Horrific!

Geekwad said...

I would not give an RCMP office the time in a watch store. He'd only hurt someone with it.

Anonymous said...

The whole police system not just the RCMP needs revamping. While in Canada last year, I took the only available apartment in Victoria. The landloard and his son stole a big from the appartment.....I hand been in the apartment for less than 12 hours. The case contained all my documents including my university degrees, parents marriage certificate and unique jewelry. I had a heck of a time notify the proper authorities regarding the papers. Do you think the Victoria police did anything about it? No...they were too busy. Now, as a teacher if I were to not teach an English class because math was more important so I taught two math classes instead of an Englsih class, do you think I would have a job for very long? Also, I had just come back from the bank where I rented a safety deposit box to secure my papers....that's how quick these thieves were. Nothing but nothing was done. The whole mess cost me 9,000.00$ Canadian.