Thursday, December 04, 2008

Theatrics, Posturing & Lies

The ride isn't over yet for SHarper's former BFF, Brian Mulroney. Once again, Karlheinz Schreiber has surfaced with new evidence, documents that indicate there was a lot of false evidence, even criminal perjury, presented on behalf of Brian Mulroney to the commons ethics committee's enquiry into the Airbus scandal.

The former head of GCI, Frank Moore's one-time lobbying company, claims the company had nothing to do with Airbus. Schreiber's documents show that just isn't so.

Then there's long-time Mulroney friend and former aide, Fred Doucet, who testified under oath that he had nothing whatsoever to do with the Airbus business. Schreiber has unleashed a raft of documents showing that Doucet was up to his eyebrows in the Airbus business.

The sworn evidence given on behalf of Brian Mulroney was unequivocal but so are the documents and many of them were merely copied to Schreiber by others.

Schreiber who was pretty much written off by the ethics committee has done it again. The question is why now? Why is he releasing these documents now, why didn't he release them when he was before the committee?

I know why. It's captured in the old phrase, "softly, softly, catchee monkey," which refers to the benefits one can often obtain by patiently laying low or playing dead. In doing fraud cases I used to try to make my target believe I was lazy, incompetent or had missed the key points altogether. Once people who feel threatened are made to think the peril is behind them, it's remarkable what they sometimes say.

Schreiber dummied up hoping that Mulroney's witnesses would assume their nemesis had been dispatched, that he was a spent force, and that they were safe in saying whatever they liked.

It's pretty clear that Schreiber hasn't spilled all of the beans, not just yet. He's obviously saving at least some revelations for the commission of enquiry that begins in February, enough he hopes that the commissioner won't be able to duck the Airbus question.

If you missed last night's Fifth Estate, you can watch it here:

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