Sunday, December 14, 2008

How to Tell Republican Corruption from Democratic Corruption

Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich has everybody's mind focused on corruption again. With passing deference to the presumption of innocence, Bad Rod appears to have been one thoroughly corrupt Democrat. Of course it was Illinois and everyone knows the long marriage of Chicago and corruption.

Those awful Democrats.

But wait, what about Republican corruption? What's the difference between the parties when it comes to corruption? How can you tell Republican corruption from Democratic corruption? That's easy, count the bodies.

You can pretty much add up the deaths of innocent civilians in Iraq since 2003 and credit them to Republican corruption. The Bush administration, or at least the neo-con hucksters who had infiltrated the White House, fixed the intelligence to conjure up an excuse to invade Iraq which led, in turn, to those thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of deaths of innocent Iraqis.

It's sort of the Republican way. Nixon lied to Congress to invade Cambodia and kill scores of thousands of innocents there and in Laos. That murderous bastard Reagan armed both sides in the Iran-Iraq war and even got enough booty out of his dodgy gun-running to fund, arm and equip the murderous Contras who slaughtered their way through thousands of innocent Nicaraguans. That other bastard, Kissinger, aided and abetted the torture and murder of innocents in Pinochet's Chile.

Whether it's the United Fruit Company, Halliburton or Bechtel, America's top Republicans are more than willing to leave broad swathes of formerly-living innocents abroad to pave the path to riches for their corporate benefactors.

But, then again, what about that guy Rod, whateverhisname - imagine, trying to sell Obama's senate seat! Do those Democrats have no shame?


Robert McClelland said...

Another major difference is that nobody defends Democratic corruption.

Rayosun said...

GOPers see every instance of Democratic corruption - however insignificant - as an opportunity to distract the public from the REAL pros at corruption, their beloved GOP.

But we Democrats should welcome every such effort on their part as an opportunity to remind the public of the TRUTH. TAKE every such opportunity and direct the public and these GOPers to JesusNoRepublican.Org IMHO the best site on the www when it comes to exposing Republican corruption and/or immorality.