Thursday, December 18, 2008

Why Is It You Can Never Find a Soldier When You Need One?

I looked out back. No, no soldier. Out front. No soldier there either. The side yard. Ditto.

Whatever happened to the Toronto Rule? I thought when you got snow, the army was supposed to show up to shovel your driveway. What gives?

We don't know too much about snow here on coastal Vancouver Island. Snow is something we expect once, maybe twice a year, 2-4" max, lasting 2-4 days before the rains return to wash it all away.

I've been housebound now for five days. Fortunately when I heard snow was coming I got to the grocery stores and stocked up. Of course they didn't say how much snow was coming, certainly not this much.

Yesterday morning I went out and measured the show atop my patio table - 18" which, for us, is a lot. The forecast warned us to expect another inch or two yesterday. That turned into 12-14" by morning today. So, all in we're looking at two and a half feet of snow and no break in the temperature at least well into the new year. And, to top it off, more snow is coming Sunday.

So, where in hell is the army?

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LeDaro said...

You guys are spoiled in the west -Vancouver Island.

We get that much snow, in Atlantic Canada, sometimes on daily basis and never seen any soldier. On top of that city does a good job after you finish clearing. They fill the entrance to the driveway with ice from the road –up to 2 ft high. What you say to that?