Saturday, December 06, 2008

Trudeau Weeps

I just finished watching Baird's despicable appearance on CBC where he bombastically told Don Newman that the Tories were going to go over the heads of Parliament, over the head of the Governor General, and deal directly with the Canadian people.

A decent prime minister, one who respected the country and its parliament, would have booted that punk straight to the backbenches. However Baird is very much of the same grain as his prime minister by which I mean utterly contemptuous of our democracy.

Pierre Trudeau would have relished the chance to vivisect these two clowns, to take them apart - piece by piece - and leave the fetid mess in a gutter. That's what he did with their type and he did it with elan. Trudeau would have handily disposed of Baird as the loudmouthed, lumbering buffoon he is and permanently neutered his vile bombast. But we don't have a Pierre Trudeau today, not even a faint imitation of him. We have Stephane Dion and I'm sure that somewhere, looking down at this farce, Trudeau weeps.

Dion has to realize that every week he extends the suffering of his party makes it that much harder for it to rally, recover and again take the fight to Harper and his trained seals.

Stephane Dion has to do what's right for the Liberal Party. He has to go, now.


Anonymous said...

Don Newman did a good job. But there are many, many media actually supporting the lies of Harper and his move to shut down democracy. You may lose your job, but Harper is going to keep his.

Beijing York said...

I agree that Dion is incapable of the challenge but who in the Liberal Party is. I am starting to think that Rae might be the best bet. It certainly isn't Iggy. He is a backstabber and too similar to Harper in many ways.

If anything, Trudeau is weeping because the closest thing to a great orator and political intellect on the Hill is the leader of the Bloc. He must find that very ironic.

Heh, word verification = hatedge

The Rat said...
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Mike said...


So your all about political correctness now? How odd.

Is it ok if we despise him because he is a liar and despise our parliamentary heritage and standards?

Would that be ok with you?

wilson said...

''Stephane Dion has to do what's right for the Liberal Party. He has to go, now.''

Less than a week ago, Iggy, Rae and Domie came out of caucus, stood up to the mic and Iggy said
they and the entire caucus were
100% behind Dion and the coalition.

What happened?
Polls showing 66% of Ontario was against the coalition happened.
What does the LPC stand for?

No wonder it was so easy for the NDP to swallow you guys whole, and suck you into their coalition.

Anonymous said...
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The Rat said...
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LeDaro said...

John Manley said that Dion should resign but what are the alternatives. Neither Rae nor Iggy are that exciting.

The Mound of Sound said...

Rat, I have to apologize. I never believed that Baird was gay, I really didn't. It never occurred to me that a gay guy could cleave so fiercely to such a homophobic, social conservative movement. I'll edit this post just in case you're right.

The Rat said...

"I'll edit this post just in case you're right.

Thank you. I don't know for a fact that he is gay, nor do I care. There is, apparently, at least one openly gay cabinet minister and I wouldn't be surprised were it Baird. I thought you knew for sure.

The Mound of Sound said...

Rat, my friend, this isn't the first time we've managed to find civility in the differences between us. I want you to know how much I appreciate that. Thanks.