Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bad Times for Pope Benny

Vatican boss, Pope Benedict Ex Vee Eye, just keeps getting drawn deeper in controversy over his decision to restore to the RC fold four previously excommunicated Bishops, one of whom is - well, let's face it - a Holocaust denier.

The wave of outrage and condemnation has had the Vatican spin doctors in overdrive. But today, it all got so much worse. From the Associated Press:

A priest in an ultraconservative society recently rehabilitated by Pope Benedict XVI has defended a bishop in his group and joined him in expressing doubts about the Holocaust.

While making more cautious remarks than Bishop Richard Williamson, the Rev. Floriano Abrahamowicz echoed, in an interview published Thursday by an Italian daily, the prelate's doubts that Jews were gassed during World War II.

"I know gas chambers existed at least to disinfect, I can't say if anybody was killed in them or not," Abrahamowicz told "La Tribuna di Treviso," a newspaper in northern Italy.

And, as if that wasn't bad enough, Father Floriano managed to put the other boot in at the same time:

Abrahamowicz also referred to Jews as being "the people of God who then became the God-killing people" — a remark that contradicts the Vatican II teaching that Jews as a people cannot be held responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.


Jay said...

No surprise. I have mentioned many times on my blog that this current pope is pretty much a nazi sympathizer.

Yes I am an an atheist but I actually respected Pope John Paul as a kind human being, albeit a little confused. But this Benedict guy is quite different. He sends chills down my spine. I see no compassion in him.

Its like he's dead inside. And I pride myself on my ability to read people.

LeDaro said...

This will not bode well for Jewish community in Europe and North America. That is where Vatican has maximum influence. I can understand their anger.

The Mound of Sound said...

The Vatican's lame, "how were we to know?" response to this is really bad. It echoes what a lot of Germans said at the end of the war.

Larry Gambone said...

I can't believe the Church hierarchy could be this out of touch, er, downright stupid. But on the other hand what can one expect from a group that still denies ordination of women and attacks birth control!