Thursday, January 29, 2009

Layton Attacks - Brace Yourselves, There'll Be More

Layton and the NDP haven't wasted a minute airing their first round of attack ads. Nothing surprising there, Ignatieff practically wrote them himself.

Jack is now positioned to do what he did so effectively to Stephane Dion; paint the Liberal leader as a feckless stooge of Stephen Harper. He can already make a plausible argument that there exists a Tory-Liberal coalition, that Steve and Mikey are peas in a pod.

The NDP attack ads are just the beginning. Secure in their third party status, the New Democrats have everything to gain and nothing to lose by depicting Harper and Iggy in bed together and then positioning the NDP well clear of them.

All you Liberal strategists who claim that Iggy's propping up Harper's pathetic stimulus/recovery budget somehow positions Ignatieff to hold the whip hand over the Cons, to simply pull the pin at a moment of his choosing, miss the point. To bring down Harper, the Libs will need the support of the NDP and the Bloc and I think Ignatieff has given them solid grounds to refuse, saying "you made your bed, sleep in it."

What was supposed to be a three ring circus is a thing of the past.

It frustrated me to no end to watch Jack Layton repeatedly out maneuvre Stephane Dion, something that damaged the Libs in the last election and really helped out Jack. Now I fear Layton is going to be able to effectively depict Michael Ignatieff as just a continuation of feckless Liberal leadership.


Steve V said...


I know you see it differently, but this Dion comparison is such a non-starter in my mind, I think more a talking point to express frustration with our leader, rather than a serious read of what has occured. All I see today, columnists lauding the Liberals, nobody but the NDP and some bloggers entertaining for one second the Dion comparison, isn't even on the radar.

"Layton and the NDP haven't wasted a minute airing their first round of attack ads."

Yes, so as the budget was being released, and the Libs were reviewing their options, the NDP was buying ad time. Think about that for a second, very telling. Makes me glad we never got into bed with these guys, it would have been a nightmare.

Brace myself? Consider me unconcerned, Layton's routine is getting real old. Bitterness is never attractive.

The Mound of Sound said...

Wait, Steve, he's only getting started. Jack has just been handed a bucket full to the brim of material he can, and probably will, use.

I don't like the guy one bit but I will give him this, he's an operator. He sees opportunities and he goes for them especially when they're handed to him on a platter.

But, Steve, do you believe for a minute that Layton didn't know days in advance that Iggy was going to prop up Harper?

Don't underestimate this guy. Unlike Harper and Ignatieff, Layton's support is solid and by glueing Iggy to Harper, Layton gets what he always wanted - to be the real opposition leader. And it didn't cost him anything, that's the real shame of it.

BriguyHFX said...

Most supporters of Layton actually have principles on such things as women's equality and worker's rights, not to mention the rights of the poor. A feckless bunch, indeed.

ch said...

"Secure in their third party status"

Aren't they the fourth party?

Yes, I expect angry attacks from the NDP, but they have to be careful. I don't think people are in the mood for this kind of politics. It will play well to their base, may make some people more worried - but it is not clear what those people will do with their worry. They won't necessarily decide the NDP is the solution.

The press sure isn't reacting positively, with headlines: Angry NDP attack ads: 'Down with Ignatieff'. Makes it sound like a temper tantrum and the stories usually go on to say that Layton saw his dream of a cabinet post disappear.

Steve V said...

"Wait, Steve, he's only getting started. Jack has just been handed a bucket full to the brim of material he can, and probably will, use."

The question is, will it resonate? Judging by the reaction, to the perspective party decisions on the budget, the answer would appear to be a resounding NO. If Layton wants to spend his time attacking the Liberals, have at it, he just looks small. That's my opinion.

BTW, if Jack knew in advance, then his "surprise" performance yesterday just feeds the used car salesman narrative. I honestly think, that people grow tired of the act, but then I'm biased :)

The Mound of Sound said...

I really believe Jack is away to the races. He's outmaneuvred us before and he'll do it again. When we underestimate this guy, it's music to his ears.