Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Coalition Lives!

It's on. It's just not a Liberal/NDP coalition. It's a Tory/Liberal coalition with Iggy playing the dutiful handmaiden to his new master.

Try as he might to squirm and spin himself a safe distance from this ill-conceived stimulus budget, Iggy can't get out from under himself. It was his call. It was his budget to reject or embrace. It is now the Stephen Harper-Michael Ignatieff budget.

Today's International Monetary Fund report doesn't mince words. It claims that the fiscal assumptions on which the Harper-Ignatieff budget is based are unsound. The IMF says the recession Canada is facing is going to be far deeper and more protracted than the far milder recession the Harper-Ignatieff budget pretends to be able to meet.

So, how is Iggy going to pin this on Harper if the budget flops, the budget he has chosen to back?

If you're going into a battle that requires six divisions of troops to win but all you show up with are three divisions, who do you blame when you get wiped out?

Unfortunately, the Dynamic Duo share the same flaw. They both lack vision. It's reflected in the timidity of their response to this recession and it virtually guarantees that the scores of billions of Harper Bucks that will be poured into this will be haphazardly and ineffectually spent.

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