Friday, January 16, 2009

Who Wants To Be a Trillionaire?

In Zimbabwe, inflation really is a plague, a horrible disease that ravages what shreds remain of that nation's once proud economy.

Today the central bank has unveiled the one hundred trillion dollar bank note that's worth a decidedly underwhelming $33 U.S. Even Zimbabweans won't be rushing out to get theirs because there's not much to buy on their store shelves and what little there is usually can't be bought in Zimbabwe currency.

The hundred trillion note is described as part of a "new family" of bank notes that will begin with the meagre 10-trillion dollar bill.

With cholera breaking out just to make things worse one has to ask, as we've been asking for two years now, when Mugabe is finally going to be deposed?

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Scruffy Dan said...

I remember reading an interview with a Zimbabwean who said that they have to rush out and spend all their money as soon as they get paid. If they wait it will be worth a fraction of what it was when they received it.