Monday, January 07, 2013

Why Canadian Journalism Sucks

The CBC News report about lake contamination from Tar Sands operations came straight from the horse's mouth, an Environment Canada "spokesman."

"Not so bad, no indeedy," proclaimed EnviroCan spokesman Adam Sweet.   So just what sort of hydrologist or chemist or scientist of any sort is Adam Sweet?

Well it seems he's actually Peter Kent's spin meister, not a scientist at all.   But Adam Sweet is about as close to an EnviroCan scientist as any reporter is going to get on a Tar Sands contamination story, that is to say nowhere remotely close.

Adam Sweet?   He's reprising the roles of Dan Akroyd from the early SNL years.   Remember "Bag of Glass" or "Bass-O-Matic"?  Same deal.

It's one thing when these reporters freely settle for a reach-around but it would be so much better if they would own up to it.  Put it right in the story.   Point out that Adam Sweet doesn't know science from dog shit and it's his job not to let the truth out, especially when it doesn't suit the Ruler's interests.

This was, after all, a joint study by Queen's University and Half-Assed Kent's EnviroCan.   If the government isn't going to make project scientists available, why quote some department paid bullshitter at all?  Ignore him.  He won't tell you the truth.   You've got the scientists at Queens.   Use them and only them until EnviroCan produces the goods.



the salamander said...

The failures and machinations at the highest level of the so called Harper Government are pathetic - perhaps criminal.

Step up for Canadians put at risk by your policies, tar sands bound for China, ignorance, anti-environmental savagery, malfeasance, secrecy, obstruction. incompetence Mr Harper.

Or shovel the shit downstream to Mr Oliver, Mr Kent, Mr Ashfield or Mr Baird who must have thought the Great Baird Rain Forest was named after him.. back when both of you pretended to care.

Your legacy is one of historical savagery ..
against the country you were born to
the misguided folks that voted for you ..
and the majority of Canadians
who wonder who the F you think you are ....

Anonymous said...

It is surprising what comes up when you Google, Harper's agenda for Canada.

The Tyee also has a good article, March 2012, on Harper's Evangelical Mission. Harper was Policy Chief for his, Northern Foundation Party from 1989. He is linked with Christian Fundamentalists. Harper most famed comments are. I am the law. I make the rules.

During Harper's x-mas TV interview, he declared himself a devout Christian. He said, he prays everyday? He must have meant, I "prey" everyday. has quite the web site too.

There is no such thing as, good honest journalism and reporting anymore. The media are more or less, propaganda machines for the government. I canceled my newspapers long ago. The media are a, shameful disgrace to their professions.

The Mound of Sound said...

Like you, Anon, I ditched the G&M about three years ago when it turned into a rightwing rag.

Nice piece, Sal.

Sam Gunsch said...

Allow me to add my Grrr.

Excellent post.

I've never known of anyone but me until this post, use Grrr in print.

Made me chuckle in recollection.

I once wrote Grrr in an update/report-back email to my colleagues describing my frustration with bad faith negotiating by vested interests I faced inside a meeting room for 3 days.

Print just didn't cut it for explaining how maddening the experience was.

But I've carried a bit embarrassment at that memory for years. 1996

no more. :)

BTW... You would probably appreciate the Daily Howler blog by Bob Somerby for his ongoing critique of USA MSM.

The Mound of Sound said...

Of course, Sam, feel free to Grrr any time. Thanks for the heads up on the Daily Howler.