Monday, June 17, 2013

Chicago's Busy Fathers' Day Weekend

Big Fathers' Day weekend in Chi-town.  46 people shot in under 72-hours.  That's approaching Baghdad-level violence.

What do kids buy Dad for Fathers' Day in Chicago - ammo?

While mass shootings are more likely to attract the headlines — by ThinkProgress’ count there have been 14 since December — everyday gun violence in the U.S. adds up to a Newtown every single day (Slate counts more than  5,000 gun deaths since December).

Gun advocates tend to use Chicago to argue that gun violence laws are not effective. Chicago has some of the strictest laws in the nation — it had a ban on handguns until 2010 — but the city has long suffered from violence that is on an uptick the past two years. The total number of weekend’s shootings is actually slightly down compared to the same period last year, when 53 had been shot.

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