Monday, June 17, 2013

Out of This World - What Does Walt Natynczyk Have That Canada Needs for Space?

In my humble opinion, no Canadian general directly associated with the fiasco of our war in Afghanistan should be a candidate for government perks.   That's certainly true for Rick Hiller who, by all accounts misled then prime minister Martin, into approving Canada's shoestring Kandahar combat caper.  It should likewise hold true for the army general who succeeded Hillier and headed the armed forces for the past four years, Walt Natynczyk.

Afghanistan wasn't Walt's only failed war.  He also led the 35,000 strong Multi-National Corps (Iraq) during Operation Iraqi Freedom, the disastrous Bush/Cheney/Blair conquest of Iraq that pretty much handed control of the region to Iran.

Harper has decided to reward Walt Nat for some reason by appointing a guy who has no aerospace credentials whatsoever the next head of the Canadian Space Agency.   Walt Nat is a qualified paratrooper but I'm not sure that exactly qualifies him for the scientific aspects of space exploration.

Of course now that Harper is slashing funding for the Canadian Space Agency maybe what he was looking for was an undertaker.


Lorne said...

Perhaps, being a soldier, Mound, Natynczyk is used to not asking questions and simply carrying out orders, qualities I'm sure Harper prizes highly.

The Mound of Sound said...

The difference between the Space Agency and Canada's senior military ranks is that in just one you can't conceal failure.

Anonymous said...
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